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Is It Time to Reset Your Life? 5 Easy Steps to Take Advantage of Our Unusual Times

Do you long to reset your life — remove the stale and bring in the fresh and inspiring? This doesn’t require huge pivots; it takes one baby step at a time.“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” ~ Walt Disney

“Slow down and rest. You need renewal.” I tell my clients this all the time, because the frantic pace they think will get them to the desired results, ends up being unsustainable. Intense work, with no time to recharge, is a sure recipe for emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion. Yet my clients find it really hard to slow down. They believe, “If I decrease my speed, even a little bit, everything will collapse,” or “I have too many things I have to do, and I can’t let up.” Do you feel the same way? Is it hard to find time to do a daily reboot? Then perhaps it’s time to reset your life!

One of the hidden blessings of coronavirus has been the forced stop. Most of my clients have switched to working from home, and learning or updating their technology to do so. And in most cases, after the initial dismay and confusion, they’re appreciating the new pace, the new time for family. They’ve started remembering what’s really important.

After five weeks of working from home, one of my clients quipped, “I needed a pandemic to realize that what you were telling me all along was vital for my wellbeing. I didn’t realize the merry-go-round I was on until I had to get off.” Now, she is reconnecting with what is important to her — her highest values, setting healthier boundaries and making a career shift.

Let’s face it — life is a messy journey of exploration — and to enjoy it fully, we must be open to experimenting and learning about the whole range of our possible selves.

This especially applies in business. When you stick single-mindedly to one role, one title, or one view of yourself professionally, you’ll be blindsided by the twists and turns of life. You’re likely to be caught in an uncomfortable in-between stage, pondering what to hold on to and what to let go of.

I urge you to take calming breaths, relax, and mindfully let this stage unfold naturally. Don’t try to force it. It’s a necessary part of the journey, because it allows you to process complex emotions and conflicting desires, and helps you see opportunities.

The present downtime we have can be used to replenish your motivation. It also allows you to get reacquainted with your highest values, gaining a new perspective and moving forward in the direction your life must go next. As Roy Disney so wisely said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” 

I believe you can navigate these uncertain times successfully! Ralph Marston expresses my thoughts so well, “You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

The pandemic has given you some unique advantages. Don’t be afraid to use them! You now have more freedom, because you have less to lose. Everyone else is scrambling to adjust, so clients and business associates will be more understanding as you get going on your new career/life path.

How to Reset Your Life

Some people today use the term pivot, when it comes to taking a new direction in your life. However, I feel that a reset is something we’re more familiar with…for example, we reset our clocks to accommodate Day Light Saving time. It’s not a major shift; it’s only one step forward or one step back. Viewing this shift in our life as a reset keeps us grounded with who we are fundamentally. We’re not reinventing ourselves, just making adjustments. Here are some steps that make any transition more success…

  1. Clean the slate before you reset your life.

Financially you’ll want to pay down your debts. Stick to a budget. Cancel subscriptions, memberships, and leases you don’t need. Perhaps you can refinance a mortgage or move to home or town where the cost of living is less expensive. You probably aren’t eating out much or traveling; earmark that money for activities that will help you reset your life.

This also applies to clearing unresolved emotional issues or relationship blocks you’re carrying. Lighten your load by resolving these one by one.

  1. Assess what you have that doesn’t need a reset.

Beyond doing your inner work and being attuned to your highest purpose, assess the tangibles. Even if you don’t plan on going on a job interview, write a résumé that outlines your education — formal and ongoing through workshops, courses and seminars. Add all of your life skills and professional skills, and interests. Go long and go deep.

Do you have a financial cushion to sustain you, as you reset your life? This will determine how quickly, or if, you can do a major career change right now. If you can’t do it now, don’t be discouraged. You may need to work at a stopgap job short-term to build your resources up, knowing that ultimately you will get where you want to be.

  1. Practice flexibility as you reset your life.

Neither experience nor age need be factors that hold you back. If you have humility and identity flexibility, you can project a can-do, positive energy that gets results. Not sure what career move you should make? Try this Skill Matcher to spark ideas.

  1. Invest judiciously.

Downtime is when you can learn new skills. There are many free or affordable online resources available today. Do your homework and determine what will support your shift to a more rewarding life.

  1. Please, don’t try to go it alone.

This pandemic has taught us how connected the entire world is today. We need one another to navigate these uncertain times. Join a community that will support you.

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