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Category: Life Skills

Learn how to focus on the soft skills, the people skills like good communication, effective leadership, positive motivation, and managing your emotions.

Healing Generational Wounds: How to Safely Reveal Hidden Layers of Trauma

Generational trauma refers to unresolved issues or wounds that are passed down from one generation to the nextGenerational wounds spring from various relationships: parent-child, sibling rivalry, and extended family dynamics. But it goes beyond that. Generational trauma may also emerge from social and economic factors, religious or spiritual beliefs, and cultural and ethnic identity. Whatever the trigger, be assured that there are effective ways of healing somatically

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The Somatic Approach to the Mother-Daughter Bond. It’s Surprisingly Effective!

Listen to your body’s wisdom to heal and thrive, despite adverse experiences with the mother-daughter bondHow would you describe your mother-daughter bond? In a perfect world, all mothers would be warm, loving, and supportive. And daughters would cherish their mothers. Too often the mother-daughter relationship is difficult, strained, or non-existent. Somatically exploring this relationship is an outstanding way to understand its impact so you can heal and thrive.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we naturally reflect on how our mothers have influenced our lives profoundly. For many women, the mother-daughter relationship is a complex tapestry woven with love, joy, pain, and longing. If, because of circumstances beyond your control, you’ve been deprived of this relationship, the pain may be overwhelming.

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Embodying Intentions: The Ultimate Journey Aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit

Embodying Intentions is the Ultimate Journey Aligning, Mind, Body and SpiritBecause of the demands of today’s fast-paced world, people who seek personal growth find that setting intentions is a powerful practice for transformation. However, there’s a crucial distinction between setting intentions and embodying intentions.

Let’s explore the story of two sisters, Sarah and Emily, to illustrate the difference between setting intentions and embodying intentions.

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Ways to Practice Future Pacing Daily — An Amazing Way to Conquer Life Crises

Future pacing is a neuro-linguistic programming technique that you use to create positive expectations, which gives you the experience of enjoying the desired results right now!It cannot be denied that the pandemic changed us; it inserted a pause into our lives that has been hard to recover from. Have you noticed the different ways it may still impact your motivation? Perhaps it caused you to rethink your possibilities. Or did you put your life on hold and give up on some dreams? How do you get your motivation back? There’s an amazing NLP skill that puts you back in control so you never need to feel helpless like this ever again. It’s future pacing — this is where you direct your mind to go into the future, visualizing something tangible and positive.

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How to Use the Power of Visualization for Remarkable Business Success

When you use the power of visualization you experience fully what you want from your life and business. How do you want all aspects of your life to be like 5 years from now? 

When you engage the power of visualization you’re more likely to achieve your Big Dreams.Creating a dream business can be exhilarating! Yet, service professionals like coaches and therapists often struggle with putting down on paper a business proposal that’s actually going to work for them. The reason? Usually, it’s because they focus on creating a to-do list that seldom gets done. If you want to turbo-charge your business, unlock the power of visualization.

What is the power of visualization? It involves using all of your five senses to make an experiential dive into what you really want from your business. In your mind’s eye, you experience it – you see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. When you engage these senses in your business goals and plans, you become empowered in an extraordinary way. How do you do that?

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