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Life Coaching helps you sift through your problems, dig deeply into your innermost desires and formulate plans to achieve the success that you crave. Coaching focuses on your entire life as it relates to your goals, the outcome you want and changes you need to make. It’s an approach that’s positive, strength-based, and extremely efficient because it disentangles you from emotional roadblocks.

3 Ways to Fully Benefit From Mentor Coaching: #1 Build A Strong Foundation

You can benefit from mentor coaching the most by communicating needs, managing expectations, and doing the work to build skills and change behavior. You can be a coach without being a mentor. And you can be a mentor without being a coach. Isn’t this just a case of semantics? Don’t coaches, mentors, consultants, and trainers all do the same thing basically? No, there are subtle but vital differences that form the relationship between the client and the Mentor/Coach/Trainer/Counselor. You need to understand these differences to fully benefit from Mentor Coaching, which is the ultimate way to accelerate personal and professional growth. Mentor Coaching is like coaching on steroids!

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How to Become an Influential Coach and Inspire Others to Greatness

You can be an influential coach, in life or business, when you employ these four easy-to-learn skills that bring out the best in yourself and others. Is there an influential coach you greatly admire and aspire to be like? What is it about her that makes you want to be like her? When you look closely, you’ll find it’s not because she’s charismatic and mesmerizes you. Or that she “leads” by bullying or intimidating. A good leader influences others by example, bringing the best out in those around her because she walks the talk.

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Ten Qualities of a Good Coach — Everyone Needs Them!

Everyone needs these 10 qualities of a good coach, as you can use them to coach and enrich your life and that of others personally and professionally.Coaches, do you need more clients? Here’s an opportunity you may not have even considered… approach local businesses and offer your services! Today coaching has become an essential leadership skill that employers and management need to get the best from their employees and teams. When the qualities of a good coach are applied in the workplace, it creates an atmosphere of greater productivity, creativity, and synergy. Even industry leaders are recognizing that they themselves attain better results personally and professionally through life coaching. 

Everyone is a coach in some way, either of themselves or others. That’s why it’s so important to hone these ten essential qualities of a good coach. As you read through the following list, think about which ones you’d most like to work on next. A practice of mindfulness and somatically experiencing your sensations will accelerate your growth in these areas. 

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The 8 Aspects of Personal Accountability. Embrace Them & Reach Your Full Potential

These 8 aspects of personal accountability help you take charge of and be responsible for your life, including asking for help to become the best you.Don’t you hate it when someone tells you what to do? We want to “be our own boss”  and “do it ourselves”. That’s what personal accountability is, right? Not at all! Many people don’t realize that the “do it myself by myself” mindset diminishes your chances for outstanding success, and it ignores the remarkable advantages of mentoring, accountability partnerships, and the buddy system.

Being extremely independent may sound appealing but it can lead to control issues, a victim mentality, an inability to let go, difficulty in delegating, distrust, or stifled creativity and productivity. On a continuum where independence and dependence are the extremes, interdependence is often the more realistic and balanced stance. When you open up to creating an awesome support network, you’ll finally feel free to blossom into the person you’re meant to be.

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Clarify Your WHY: 7 Go-To Questions That Keep You Focused On Your Dreams

Here are 7 go-to questions that help you clarify your WHY, because once you know why you’re doing something, it’s easier to see if it’s helpful or not.We are all coaches. We coach ourselves by correcting or cheering ourselves on toward our dreams. We coach others as we give them advice, support, and encouragement. But most people come to a coaching role without training. That’s why it’s so important to have some go-to resources that help you clarify your WHY, because once you know why you’re doing something it’s easier to see if it’s helpful or not.

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