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Continually grow as a person and find your work/life balance

Elevate Your Life: Build Meaningful Connections that Help You Grow

At the heart of the retreat experience lies the opportunity to build meaningful connections with others and oneself. For the past 17 years, I have had the privilege of attending a very special retreat. Each year, as I return to this sacred space, I am reminded of the profound way it helps me build meaningful connections, personally and professionally. I want to share with you some of the invaluable gifts that this annual retreat has bestowed upon me, in the hope that it may inspire you to seek out similar opportunities for growth and connection in your own life.…

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Healing Generational Wounds: How to Safely Reveal Hidden Layers of Trauma

Generational trauma refers to unresolved issues or wounds that are passed down from one generation to the nextGenerational wounds spring from various relationships: parent-child, sibling rivalry, and extended family dynamics. But it goes beyond that. Generational trauma may also emerge from social and economic factors, religious or spiritual beliefs, and cultural and ethnic identity. Whatever the trigger, be assured that there are effective ways of healing somatically

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The Somatic Approach to the Mother-Daughter Bond. It’s Surprisingly Effective!

Listen to your body’s wisdom to heal and thrive, despite adverse experiences with the mother-daughter bondHow would you describe your mother-daughter bond? In a perfect world, all mothers would be warm, loving, and supportive. And daughters would cherish their mothers. Too often the mother-daughter relationship is difficult, strained, or non-existent. Somatically exploring this relationship is an outstanding way to understand its impact so you can heal and thrive.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we naturally reflect on how our mothers have influenced our lives profoundly. For many women, the mother-daughter relationship is a complex tapestry woven with love, joy, pain, and longing. If, because of circumstances beyond your control, you’ve been deprived of this relationship, the pain may be overwhelming.

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Feeling Alone? 5 Ways to Build Your Own Community of Empowering Women

Build your own community of empowered women by intentionally connecting every week with women you admire.In bygone eras, women knew the power of community. They met together in quilting bees, book clubs, and lunch socials. Yes, these leaned heavily toward socializing, because professional opportunities for women were severely restricted. Ironically, today women have endless professional opportunities but our community support has declined.  Are you feeling alone? Then I urge you to build your own community of empowering women.

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The New Wave of Leadership — Are You Ready? Take The PADLE Model Quiz

Catch the new wave of leadership that is based on a leadership model that emphasizes embodiment and somatic awarenessHave you fallen into the trap of thinking that, to be successful, you must lead as everyone else does? You may equate leadership with control and strict discipline. I’ve got good news for you — there’s a new wave of leadership sweeping across the globe. And it’s empowering!

For millennia, leadership has been based on a hierarchical model. This “normal” leadership structure,  where a few have power and control over the many, is deeply ingrained and widespread. Today, however, a new approach to leadership is taking hold.

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