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Category: Stepping Forward

How to Use the Power of Visualization for Remarkable Business Success

When you use the power of visualization you experience fully what you want from your life and business. How do you want all aspects of your life to be like 5 years from now? 

When you engage the power of visualization you’re more likely to achieve your Big Dreams.Creating a dream business can be exhilarating! Yet, service professionals like coaches and therapists often struggle with putting down on paper a business proposal that’s actually going to work for them. The reason? Usually, it’s because they focus on creating a to-do list that seldom gets done. If you want to turbo-charge your business, unlock the power of visualization.

What is the power of visualization? It involves using all of your five senses to make an experiential dive into what you really want from your business. In your mind’s eye, you experience it – you see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. When you engage these senses in your business goals and plans, you become empowered in an extraordinary way. How do you do that?

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Do You Follow These 7 Easy, Baby Steps to Success? This Process Works!

Learn from a real-life example showing how to use the seven baby steps to success and you’ll have the skills to make any of your Big Dreams come true.“I wish…” We do it all the time, don’t we? We learned about making wishes from fairy tales. Magically, what you desire appears, without any effort. That’s not how real life happens, however. Yet so many of our goals remain wishes. “I wish I could  lose weight.” “I wish I could write a book.” “I wish I could start a new career.” Wishing alone doesn’t make your dreams come true. There’s more to traveling the steps to success.

Yes, wishing, wanting and dreaming are quite important to our human experience. They are the genesis from which we create a desire to do something different, to be more.

I urge you to be a Dreamer and dream big. But don’t stop there. Being a Dreamer won’t make your dreams come true. They’ll eventually languish in a drawer and will never see the light of day. So what’s next?

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Make Peace with Your Past – A Pivotal Conversation that Leads to Freedom

Here are four steps you can use to make peace with your past, by organizing and making sense of your experiences, so you can finally let go of the hurt.One of the most emotionally charged subjects you’ll ever talk with your clients about is how their past affects their present. When it comes to making peace with the past, it’s the hurtful aspects of the past that keep us stuck. It’s especially a problem when people continue to punish themselves, attach harmful meanings to past events, or perhaps see no meaning at all.

You can use the following outline to help you talk candidly with your clients about this emotionally painful topic. In this way, they can begin the healing process. 

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Keep Your Commitments to Yourself. It’s The Way to Feel Fully Alive

It’s often the last thing we do – keep your commitments to yourself – but it’s vital to learn these skills to live a fully engaged and fulfilled life.
Keeping commitments — love it or hate it? Perhaps you know someone like Nora? She’s really good at keeping her promises to other people. The kids need a ride to the game…she’s on it! Hubby needs a tool from the hardware store, she’s rushing to get it. Never missing an appointment, she’s known for being dependable, helpful, and loving. But…there’s someone she routinely ignores and mistreats…herself…and she knows it, as her journal entry testifies:

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Set Yourself Up for Success — 6 Simple Strategies You Can Use Daily

Set yourself up for success by using my 3-step system, plus 6 simple strategies that give you a firm foundation for making any kind of lasting change.Are you energized to face each new day? Or is it starting to feel like “the grind” or maybe even like a meaningless “rat race”? Many people have learned to be satisfied with the status quo, but if you want to set yourself up for success, be willing to do some fine-tuning now and then.

You can set yourself up for success by following some really simple, yet surprisingly powerful daily strategies. These are especially effective if you’re a service professional juggling the demands of a private practice with your personal life.

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