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Team Leadership – Empower Yourself and Others to Make a Difference

Leading a team, whether it’s employees, colleagues, clients or others, can feel like walking a tightrope. You need to be vulnerable yet strong, empathetic yet objective, confident yet realistic…

It can be exhausting, especially if you don’t feel aligned on the inside with who you’re trying to appear to be on the outside.

Imagine instead, aligning your mind with your body and soul, leading with purpose and integrity, and bringing out the best in yourself and the people around you.

Are you ready to…

Standout in your industry or community as a thought-leader?

Extend your outreach, grow your network and inspire your team?

Maximize on your areas of expertise and identify where you could benefit from support?

Clearly communicate your core beliefs using body language to convey confidence and conviction?

This coaching is for professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to step into embodied leadership.

My role is to guide you as you hone your voice, identify the critical areas of expertise you wish to share, and build a strategic plan for communicating, engaging and sharing your message with the world.

I use Somatic counseling and coaching because it creates high self-awareness. Rather than focusing solely on thoughts and emotions, it incorporates your entire body.

This embodied self-leadership isn’t something you do – it’s who you are.

It involves the way you speak, the language you use, the way you use your body, the harmony you feel by being fully present, and the reassuring messages you convey to others.

When you connect authentically with yourself, you can release the most important power any leader can have – not the power to dominate and control – but the power to build authentic relationships and empower others to make things happen.

Getting Started...

I’ve seen with my clients that learning embodied self-leadership radiates into all aspects of life –
marriage, family, friends, business, teams, communities, health and fitness. It releases positive energy and frees you to explore a world of possibilities. When you’re ready to step into your own power more fully, I’d be happy to guide you.

To get started, click here to learn about my unique approach to coaching and the results you can expect from working with me.

Next, click here to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation with me so we can explore the best option for you. We can meet by phone or via video consultation. 

Make the Commitment to Step Forward

Meaningful results require a commitment.

If you hire me to be your partner, you’ll be making a commitment of at least three months to yourself and to the process.

This is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you truly want. ( Fees are often tax-deductible for people who use therapy or coaching to improve business and professional skills. Check with your accountant or CPA for details.) You can pay by credit card or electronic check through PayPal. Convenient payment plans are available. Payments must be made in full in USD before each session begins.

Click here to schedule a consultation or to learn more.

Let's get started with 30 free minutes

I invite you to learn more about me and my coaching and counseling services. Please contact me to schedule an “It starts with you!” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me, in-person, by phone or via video consultation, so we can explore our partnership.


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