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Category: Dream Big – Start Small

30 Little-Known Business-Enhancing Beliefs that Power Your Success

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! Our success as business owners depends more on the following business-enhancing beliefs than on techniques and training. 

When you’re a business owner, keeping up with the increasing complexity of the global economy, technology, lifestyles and business opportunities is extremely challenging. It’s vital for you to deal with change and communicate that change to your team with efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! This means you consciously nurture thinking patterns and value systems that serve your greater purpose in life. Learning to live in your body through a deeper awareness of your mind-body connection can accelerate this progress.

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Value Your Time More = Value Yourself More. It’s the Live Big Mindset!

How you value your time reveals the kind of value you place on yourself and if you haven't been honoring your time enough, here are 10 ways to improve. Time is the most precious resource we will ever possess, yet we tend to take it for granted. How you use it reflects not only how much you value your time, but it also reveals your priorities, values, and ultimately, how much you value yourself. 

Why do we sometimes squander the invaluable asset of time?  What are some practical strategies to honor time and, by extension, ourselves? And how can the Live Big Mindset help? You’ll find answers to these questions and more within this article…

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How to Use the Power of Visualization for Remarkable Business Success

When you use the power of visualization you experience fully what you want from your life and business. How do you want all aspects of your life to be like 5 years from now? 

When you engage the power of visualization you’re more likely to achieve your Big Dreams.Creating a dream business can be exhilarating! Yet, service professionals like coaches and therapists often struggle with putting down on paper a business proposal that’s actually going to work for them. The reason? Usually, it’s because they focus on creating a to-do list that seldom gets done. If you want to turbo-charge your business, unlock the power of visualization.

What is the power of visualization? It involves using all of your five senses to make an experiential dive into what you really want from your business. In your mind’s eye, you experience it – you see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. When you engage these senses in your business goals and plans, you become empowered in an extraordinary way. How do you do that?

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