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Category: Creative Thinking

A New Way of Thinking Unlocks Your Full Potential For Happy Success

If you’re dissatisfied with life, a new way of thinking is the first step toward creating a new action and way of being that brings you happy success.In 2006, I chose the name “Neways” for my business, because I was overflowing with the desire to offer women new ways of thinking, acting and being in the world. Today I’d like to share more of my story.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results‘” (Albert Einstein). The truth of this statement resonates with us on a deep level because we’ve all done it!  We get stuck in a rut and we don’t see any other way of doing or being, hence our dreams remain out of reach. 

If what we’ve learned and practiced in the past isn’t serving us, it’s time to take a step back and assess why it’s not working. We must look for a new way of thinking that supports a new way of acting. 

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How to Use the Power of Visualization for Remarkable Business Success

When you use the power of visualization you experience fully what you want from your life and business. How do you want all aspects of your life to be like 5 years from now? 

When you engage the power of visualization you’re more likely to achieve your Big Dreams.Creating a dream business can be exhilarating! Yet, service professionals like coaches and therapists often struggle with putting down on paper a business proposal that’s actually going to work for them. The reason? Usually, it’s because they focus on creating a to-do list that seldom gets done. If you want to turbo-charge your business, unlock the power of visualization.

What is the power of visualization? It involves using all of your five senses to make an experiential dive into what you really want from your business. In your mind’s eye, you experience it – you see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. When you engage these senses in your business goals and plans, you become empowered in an extraordinary way. How do you do that?

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Get Out and Enjoy Nature. It’s The Antidote To Creative Blocks!

It essential for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to get out and enjoy nature daily, so reinforce your resolve with these ten reasons.“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

In Oregon, we experience our share of inclement weather so it’s easy to get into the rut of staying indoors day after day. As a result, many Oregonians are Vitamin D deficient, which greatly alters the mood, mental health and immune system. So when summer finally comes, I tell everyone, “Get out and enjoy nature as much as possible. It’s one of the best ways to overcome creative blocks and get your creativity flowing again!

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How to Become More Creative – See the World through Different Lenses

If you’re wondering how to become more creative, try this mindful approach toward the roles of explorer, judge, artist, and warrior to keep your ideas freshPeople who lead a rich and abundant life are very creative people. Maybe you think of artists when you think of creativity. Take another look. When you start to examine patterns of success, you’ll see that people rise to the top in ALL professions because they value creativity. They get there by relying on their own creativity and/or the creativity of their staff to find innovative solutions. They know that a person must go beyond what’s comfortable and familiar to create (the root of the word creativity) a remarkable life.

Even if you don’t think you’re a creative person, you can learn how to become more creative. Over a year ago, I wrote a blog post on creativity using the Disney model that makes magic out of chaos.  Recently I stumbled upon the work of Roger Von Oech who wrote, A Whack on the Side of the Head. It’s a good book to show you how to become more creative. I think you’ll enjoy his roleplaying approach to increasing your creativity.

He speaks of four distinct roles that we should use to increase our creativity. Each one teaches you how to become more creative as you expand your mindsets and skills. The four roles are:


The Explorer can teach you how to become more creative. She isn’t happy staying with the status quo. Her itchy feet make her want to know what’s on the other side of the mountain. Curiosity fuels creativity. How can you become an explorer?

  • Cultivate a greater awareness of yourself, your surroundings and others.
  • Learn to mindfully experience each moment, instead of rushing to the next.
  • Relentlessly search out new things every day. 
  • Explore different areas of experience and knowledge.
  • Keep asking questions until you connect all the dots.
  • Talk to people of varying backgrounds, ages, experience and education.


The Artist can definitely teach you how to become more creative. She’s playful and experiments as she stirs things up. She’s not afraid to try different color and texture combinations. Imagination fuels creativity. How can you become an artist?

  • Jot down ideas as they come to you. This frees your brain to think of even more ideas.
  • Let the little girl come out to have fun and play, instead of being so serious.
  • Laugh more – at yourself first and foremost.  
  • Read, listen, and participate in things that keep your brain active.
  • Let your imagination go as you visualize new possibilities.
  • Make ‘what if?’ your leading question.
  • Don’t worry about what others expect of you.


Surprisingly, The Judge can teach you how to become more creative too. She analyzes and assesses all the ins and outs of a thing. She weighs the pros and cons before making a decision. Comparison fuels creativity. How can you become a judge?

  • Develop critical thinking instead of assuming.
  • Use the scientific method – make a hypothesis, run an experiment, analyze the results and draw a conclusion. 
  • Make the hard decisions.
  • Trust your gut feelings.
  • Be practical – do you have the resources to make it happen or is a pie-in-the-sky dream?
  • You can compare apple and oranges, but avoid comparing yourself to someone else.


The Warrior can also teach you how to be more creative. She leaps into action when she knows her idea is a good one. Despite pressure, pushbacks, or competition, she has the perseverance to keep going no matter what. Action fuels creativity. How can you become a warrior?


Playing all four roles is crucial to creatively making things happen. For example, when you’re nurturing a new idea, it’s time for the dreaming artist instead of the pragmatic Judge. Maintain your awareness of which role you’re performing. And double check whether it’s the appropriate role for that point in time. If you get stuck in one role, mindfully switch to another that moves you forward.

As you read over these different roles there was probably one that felt more challenging to you than the other three, right? You see it’s value… but you can’t quite embrace it since it goes against your natural inclination. Perhaps it’s time to enlist my help? I love helping my coaching clients develop new strengths they were completely unaware of previously. Feel free to contact me to schedule an “Unlocking Your Potential” complimentary consultation so we can explore your options.

Discover a Creativity Model That Makes Magic Out of Chaos

Creative Thinking Techniques that turn chaos into magic“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~ Walt Disney

“I never finish what I start!” “I’m not creative!” “I am a big procrastinator” – does this sound familiar? If those beliefs stop you from pursuing your dreams, it’s time to adjust your thinking.

Many people stop themselves from dreaming big, or dreaming at all, for fear of failing or finding out that they aren’t good enough. But giving up on the creative process is a mistake because self-expression is known to reduce stress, boost the immune system and increase happiness and personal satisfaction.

You are already a creative genius. The trick is to translate untapped creativity into methodical implementation!

One of the main co-developers of NLP, Robert Dilts studied the creative thinking techniques of Walt Disney. He noticed that Disney had three distinct phases in his creativity strategy – Dreamer, Critic and Realist. By modeling Disney, Dilts developed a simple but powerful process to help individuals and teams create and implement new ideas.

I’ve found this strategy very useful not just in my own personal and professional accomplishments, but in coaching people as well. It’s helped me understand that, in following their dreams, people are not ‘unrealistic’, ‘indecisive’, or ‘skeptical’. They simply lack key perspectives on the creative process.

Often the biggest block to creativity is the tendency to shoot down new ideas before they get off the ground by pointing out all the reasons why they couldn’t work. Internally we have an inner critic whose job is to protect us from failure. If you’ve ever tried to do something new, you will be familiar with how the inner critic rapidly shuts down your imagination and your willingness to move forward.

Of course, when imagining new ways of doing things, there are no bad ideas. The apparently least practical idea may, by association, inspire the eventual solution. If new ideas are criticized too soon they can’t develop, and creativity is stifled.

The Disney Creativity Model involves exploring new ideas from three different perceptual positions: the perspective of a Dreamer, the perspective of a Critic, and that of a Realist, and then integrating these three different perspectives into one practical, successful plan. When each of these three different kinds of thinking is understood as crucial, utilized, and blended together at some point in the overall process – it works! This was one of the important aspects of Disney’s brilliance: To create magic out of chaos!

The Dreamer
This is the part of you who dreams big and is not afraid to do so. Everything is possible, and anything goes. There is no censorship and the sky’s the limit.

The Critic

This is the part of you who is considered the downer, always shooting down plans and ideas. But essential because she knows how to spot the holes in the plan so you can fix them. She takes everything apart and points out anything that might not work or might go wrong.

The Realist

This is the part of you that gets things done. She knows how to get everything planned and scheduled, she’s the organizer who understands the details and can implement by creating small methodical steps.

So, are you ready to let go of any fear and dare to dream big?  Just as Walt Disney mentored a great team of artists, I’m here to mentor you and give you a new perspective as we use these creative thinking techniques and more. Contact me and together we’ll explore the hidden possibilities that are right in front of you.

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