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Category: Somatic Embodiment

Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions & You’ll Make Emotional Barriers Disappear

When you allow yourself to feel your emotions, you’ll make emotional roadblocks disappear and feel safe and confident as the real you becomes visible.“You’re so emotional!” That’s what my client, Janine, heard throughout her early years. And you know it wasn’t said as a compliment, but rather as a reprimand. From this and other negative judgments, Janine learned that it’s not good to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Her caregivers taught her that some emotions were “unacceptable”. 

To gain approval and protect herself from being hurt, she started bottling up her feelings. Not only did she become good at hiding her emotions from others, she began to hide them from herself… to the point where she didn’t know what she liked or even who she was anymore!

Have you ever experienced anything like Janine? When you were sad were you told, “Oh, don’t be such a baby!” or when you were angry, did they say, “That’s so ugly. No one is going to like you, if you keep that up little Missy.”

We react strongly to emotions we judge as negative. Emotions like grief, sadness, anger, shame, and fear make us uncomfortable and afraid. When we see them in others, it’s unpleasant, so we try to make them go away.

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30 Little-Known Business-Enhancing Beliefs that Power Your Success

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! Our success as business owners depends more on the following business-enhancing beliefs than on techniques and training. 

When you’re a business owner, keeping up with the increasing complexity of the global economy, technology, lifestyles and business opportunities is extremely challenging. It’s vital for you to deal with change and communicate that change to your team with efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! This means you consciously nurture thinking patterns and value systems that serve your greater purpose in life. Learning to live in your body through a deeper awareness of your mind-body connection can accelerate this progress.

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Your Mind-Body Connection – 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Static and Tune In

Empower yourself with a strong mind-body connection, because once you understand how it works, you can change your body to change unhelpful emotions.Are you listening? Too often we’re so busy looking outwardly that when we try to tune in to our inner selves, all we hear is static. The good news is that you can train yourself to listen to yourself. How?  Develop a deep awareness of your mind-body connection. This involves not only identifying physical sensations but also discovering how you feel emotionally about what’s happening at any given time. Don’t just live. Learn to experience your life moment by moment. 

A somatic approach to wellness teaches us that your emotional, physical, and spiritual health are inseparable. The thing we haven’t been taught is that our emotions are experienced and stored in our bodies, and they’re manifested through body sensations.

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How to Succeed at Anything – Master the Five Stages of Your Inner Game

How to succeed at anything – if you desire, you can succeed at anything when you master the five stages of your inner game, aligning your body, mind and spirit.When we want to succeed at something new, we look to experts to guide us and help us master new goals and techniques. But being told by someone what we should do doesn’t necessarily help because it’s too easy to forget the advice and revert back to old habits. So there has to be more to the story of knowing how to succeed at anything.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying too hard — the more you try the worse it gets. That happens because your focus is on the error, which keeps multiplying it. It’s like the person skidding on a slick road toward a telephone pole. Because your eye is on the pole you unconsciously steer toward it, even if you don’t want to. But if you keep your eyes on where you really want to go, you’ll be more likely to come out of the skid.

In order to reach your goal what you need, beyond expert advice, is to master your own inner game. It has to go beyond just a mental effort. It must involve your body wisdom, too. 

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