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Category: Mindfulness

Mindfulness provides access to powerful inner resources so we can change the way we see and ultimately experience difficult situations. We’re empowered to participate in these situations – and interact with the world at large – as we work with what arises instead of trying to escape.

Overcoming Procrastination with Mindfulness in 3 Simple, Easy Steps

Some days it feels like you’re drowning, because you want to do a task but you can’t get started. Mindfully practicing the following steps to overcoming procrastination will change your life.

Some days it feels like you’re drowning. You know you want to do something, but you can’t get started. You feel too overwhelmed. What makes us feel like that? 

It’s not a flaw in your character. It’s a chemical process in your brain! Neuroscience explains why we procrastinate. And when you understand why, then you can find ways of naturally working with your brain chemistry. 

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Why Setting Powerful Intentions Is The Failproof Way to Keep Your Resolutions

Find examples of setting powerful intentions that work in harmony with life systems that build daily practices that support how you want to be and live.As you review this last year, did you accomplish most of what you set out to at the beginning of the year? Every New Year people make resolutions they don’t keep. Why is that? Often it’s not the resolution that’s the problem; it’s that the intention behind the resolution wasn’t powerful enough. Consider why setting powerful intentions is the way to guarantee you keep your resolutions…

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Know the Difference Between Thankful and Grateful to Live a Richer Life

Knowing the difference between thankful and grateful is important because one is a passive emotion and one is an active attitude that moves you to act.If the words “grateful” and “thankful” were colors, in the shade of red, which would be the darker, richer red? Many of us use those words interchangeably. They are closely related. But there are fundamental differences between the two. Understanding the difference between thankful and grateful will deepen and enrich your mindfulness practices.

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Soul Care — How to Practice This Deepest Form of Self-Care

Soul care is the profound lifestyle shift into mindful self-awareness, inner enrichment and meaningful connections that deeply nourish your well-being.I congratulate you! You’re doing very well at incorporating a self-care routine into your busy lives. You’re eating better, sleeping longer and deeper, and exercising more. And it’s paying off! You tell me that you have more energy and feel so much better. I’m proud of you.  But may I bring to your attention a trend I see? People are trying to steal a few moments to cram self-care into the busyness of life, which ultimately diminishes or negates the intention of self-care.  The result  I’m seeing is that this approach doesn’t allow space for soul care. 

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10 Common Obstacles to Self-Reflection and How You Can Overcome Them For Good

Consistently creating and keeping a practice of self-reflection is possible if you keep it simple, make it rewarding and have a plan for the down days.We start out great…and then something gets in the way. How many times has that happened to you? You think you really want to do something, but within a week you lose the desire. To track down the cause of this lack of motivation, we need a practice of self-reflection. But what happens when we lose the desire to maintain a reflective practice? That’s a big problem because that deprives you of a vital life tool. We cannot afford to lose our momentum or get sidetracked from developing the essential skill of self-reflection!

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