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Category: Embodied Leadership

Embodied leadership means you bring out the best in yourself and others, as you’re always fully aware of what your mind and body are saying to you and them.Embodied Leadership involves the way you speak, the language you use, the way you position your body, the harmony you feel by being fully present, and the calming and reassuring messages you convey to others. When you practice embodied leadership you’re able to value, motivate, and bring out the best in yourself and others.

Power Up Your Leadership —The Strongest Way to Go From Good to Great

You can power up your leadership by unlocking the wisdom within, healing the disconnect between mind and body, and embodying the way you want to be. Leadership is not just about having the right title or position, but about the ability to motivate and inspire others to reach their full potential. It requires a deep understanding of oneself and the ability to tap into one’s inner wisdom. But to power up your leadership skills you need to attend expensive seminars or classes, right? 

No, that’s not the place to start! Of course, learning from extraordinary leaders is part of the process of powering up your leadership skills. But if you don’t pay attention to this one thing first, then you’ll not fully benefit from any training you attend. What one thing?

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Feeling Drained? Electrify Your Personal Power in These 7 Ways

Feeling Drained? Electrify Your Personal Power in These 7 WaysDo you feel powerful? If your answer is, “Some days, yes; some days, not at all!” I understand how one day you can feel full of energy and clarity; and then the next day you feel drained, deflated and uncertain. Our personal power is dramatically affected by external forces beyond our control… or are they?

We’re living in interesting times. Many women have been inspired to do something more meaningful with their lives. They have a spark, an inspiration, a message they need to share with others. Do you feel it too? Perhaps, in the moment, this idea fills you up and makes you feel powerful. But the reality is we live in a world that can easily drain your power away, if you let it.

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Modern Leadership is Like Driving — Constant Scanning is Required

Modern Leadership appeals to people today because it uses a more feminine, community, team approach versus the previous hierarchical leadership style.:Developing as a leader in this complex time is a complicated adventure!  The old style of leadership was generally one-dimensional. Modern leadership style demands a more feminine approach that springs from greater self-awareness and being mindful of how your actions and reactions affect your community. 

Modern Leadership — scan five views while “driving”

Leadership is like driving an actual car. Doesn’t it make you nervous when you’re in the car with a driver who never scans the road? When driving a car, you look ahead through the windshield while keeping an eye on the rear and side-view mirrors. Leaders today need to be scanning in all directions constantly as they lead. If not, they’re missing vital information that could drastically influence their direction.

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Ten Qualities of a Good Coach — Everyone Needs Them!

Everyone needs these 10 qualities of a good coach, as you can use them to coach and enrich your life and that of others personally and professionally.Coaches, do you need more clients? Here’s an opportunity you may not have even considered… approach local businesses and offer your services! Today coaching has become an essential leadership skill that employers and management need to get the best from their employees and teams. When the qualities of a good coach are applied in the workplace, it creates an atmosphere of greater productivity, creativity, and synergy. Even industry leaders are recognizing that they themselves attain better results personally and professionally through life coaching. 

Everyone is a coach in some way, either of themselves or others. That’s why it’s so important to hone these ten essential qualities of a good coach. As you read through the following list, think about which ones you’d most like to work on next. A practice of mindfulness and somatically experiencing your sensations will accelerate your growth in these areas. 

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How Embodiment Work Can Help You Know Why You Are The Way You Are

Change happens when you know why and how embodiment work can help you understand yourself, explaining why you do things you really don’t want to do.Commonly, we treat the body and mind as two separate entities. We think the body is for doing, and the mind is for feeling, thinking, and being. Yet, this incomplete view of ourselves can lead to long-term consequences. That’s why it’s important to understand how embodiment work can help a person heal inner conflicts and that nagging feeling of things being off. 

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