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Somatic Coaching

Discover the Benefits of Somatic Coaching

Our history lives inside of us, not behind us.

We hold our life experiences and habits not just in our minds, but in our muscles and tissues. They create who we are deep on the inside, including not just our emotional makeup but our physical shape as well. Over time, this drives our behavior, for better or worse. Somatic coaching is based on the premise that habits are not replaced by good intentions but by new habits. To make profound and lasting change we must tap into our physiology, develop awareness of our current habits, choose new patterns, and cultivate a dynamic daily embodied practice.

The word somatic comes from the Greek root word “soma”,
which means “the living body in its wholeness.”

Who is Somatic Coaching for?

You want to connect with your embodied self. Develop increased awareness by deepening your daily mindfulness, shifting your breathing patterns and understanding how your history lives in your body.

You want to unlock your potential and enhance your performance. Practice powerful visualization and reframing exercises as well as anchoring techniques that help you update your response to specific situations.

You want to live with intention and renewed purpose. Discover your unique centering practice – a way to connect daily with that space within you that is always alive and at peace. 

You want to become a powerful leader. Identify what really matters to you and develop tools and practices that enable you to be the leader you want to be in a complex, challenging and ever-changing world.

Your Body Tells Your Story …

Throughout our lives our bodies adapt to our environment. We adjust to fit in, to belong and to survive. Later in life, this early conditioning becomes our greatest limitation, keeping us feeling stuck, overwhelmed and caught in habits of thinking and being that no longer work.

Rather than numbing yourself to uncomfortable circumstances and powering through them, you can learn to respond in ways that leave you feeling empowered, whole and alive. As a Somatic Coach, I help you access a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations, intentions and impact on others. As you develop greater intuition, vitality, and personal power, you’ll embody a new way of being in and relating to the world.

Learn more about how we can work together:

How do I get started?

Schedule an “Unlocking Your Potential” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me so we can explore a coaching partnership. We can meet in-person, by phone or via Skype. Please contact me to get your free consultation scheduled.

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