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Wellness Assessment

Your Body is Talking… Are You Listening?

Unfortunately, most of us learn to ignore messages

from our body as a conditioned response to family and societal pressures.

It’s time to start listening! The 7-Point Body Wellness Assessment will
reconnect you with your body by focusing on these seven areas:

  1.  Diet
  2.  Exercise
  3.  Mindfulness
  4.  Sleep
  5.  Breathing
  6.  Daily relaxation
  7.  Touch

I designed this simple assessment to help you listen to your body – your preferences as well as areas that may be in need of further attention and embodiment.

I’ll also share with you how body-oriented psychotherapy and coaching can help you
access your innate somatic wisdom to help you heal from the inside out.

It’s free!

To get started sign-up at the box below and
download your assessment today so you can start reconnecting with your body.



Create change through awareness with a FREE gift from Maria to you.
Download your Assessment today!

Warmest Regards,

Maria Connolly
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Body-Oriented Psychotherapist
Somatic Life Coach

Maria uses her wide knowledge and love for teaching to help individuals and entrepreneurs achieve personal growth and a work/life balance that suits you.

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