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What Somatic Coaching Can Mean for You

Rather than learning to simply cope with life’s challenges, you can mindfully choose to respond in a way that leaves you feeling whole and at peace. Somatic Coaching will help you access a deeper understanding of self, as you develop greater intuition, vitality, and personal power.

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Imagine...what it would be like to know that you're doing EXACTLY what you came here to do.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Personal Coaching

Discover how Somatic Coaching can unlock your potential. Understand who you are, what you want and how to go after it with enthusiasm and dedication.

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Empower yourself with tools and strategies to take personal and professional excellence to a new level. Checkout my current schedule of training programs.

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Leadership Consulting

Entrepreneurs & professionals, are you ready to step up and develop your leadership skills? Discover how embodied leadership can make you far more effective.

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Group Coaching

Are you looking to claim more passion, power and purpose in your life? Join one of my transformational group programs where we support each other to reach our highest visions.

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Your Body is Talking… Are You Listening?

Most of us learn to ignore messages from our body as a conditioned response to family and societal pressures. It’s time to start listening!

I designed the 7-Point Body Wellness Assessment to help you listen to your body – your preferences as well as areas that may be in need of further attention and embodiment.

I’ll also share with you how somatic coaching can help you access your innate wisdom to help you heal from the inside out.

It’s free! To get started sign-up for your copy today so you can start reconnecting with your body.

Ready to Get Started?

I invite you to learn more about me and my coaching services. Please contact me to schedule an “Unlocking Your Potential” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me, in-person, by phone or via Skype, so we can explore our coaching partnership.


“My wife and I experienced a very deep connection, both outwardly with group members and inwardly with heart and spirit, in a 2 week training conducted by Maria Connolly.  She was grounded somatically and emotionally, attuned and showed a high degree of integrity.” – Terry Rhoades, Ph.D., Sacramento, CA

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