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Get Focused – Get Accountability – Boost Your Confidence – Access Instant & Valuable Support – Develop Lifelong Relationships – Think Better & Bigger!

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of people coming together regularly who are dedicated to mutual growth and improvement. It’s like having an objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one. 

Who Should Join the Magnificent Coach Mastermind Circle?

This is for women who are established as Life Coaches and are committed to meeting monthly to learn how to master the art of transformative change. To be part of this group you need to be willing to give and receive feedback, brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures to keep each other focused and on track. 

Since we’re meeting virtually via Zoom,
this is a global mastermind, you can join us from anywhere in the world!

What Can You Expect to Get from the Magnificent Coach Mastermind Circle?

You’ll gain tremendous personal and professional insights to improve your business and deepen your professional development.

You can expect the following from your participation:

  • Accountability. Not only from the entire group, but each member is also assigned their own accountability partner for the year.
  • Skill Development. Refine your coaching skills and tangible ways to use them in your coaching business, through skill lessons taught by myself and selected experts, combined with the knowledge and experience of the group.
  • To Be Challenged. You’ll be immersed in a group of highly focused, action-oriented women all aiming to inspire and support each other to reach their goals.
  • Support, Compassion, Respect, and Honesty. Let your guard down as you interact privately with your own superb international mastermind committed to supporting you. 
  • Connections. The chance to develop many valuable relationships and associations that will be the springboard to new opportunities and growth.
  • High-Level Brainstorming. You, along with each member, will have time to discuss your current aspirations, goals, obstacles, and challenges and get feedback from myself and the entire group. 

What Do You Bring to the Table as the Facilitator?

I began studying psychology in Padova, Italy and went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. Over the years, I used a variety of methodologies as a therapist. After extensive study, training and experience with my clients, I gradually shifted away from traditional therapy and into Somatic Psychotherapy and Coaching. In 2020, I received my ICF coach certification.

As an approved supervisor for the State of Oregon, I enjoy mentoring beginning therapists, helping them develop and cultivate their unique professional identity. I also provide peer training for coaches and therapists looking to venture into private practice. I participate as a lead trainer for Newaves Leaders, pulling from my experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and somatic work to help professionals enhance their leadership skills.

Being a psychotherapist and life coach in my own private practice is a way of life that I love. I opened my own practice over 10 years ago. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information to help me know how to open a private practice and make it successful. So I began my own journey of discovery. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you.

How Can I Join?

To join you must:

  • Have an established coaching practice
  • Be able to commit to monthly meetings
  • Bring compassion, flexibility and vulnerability  

I periodically open enrollment for new participants. Please contact me to learn more.

Let's get started with 30 free minutes

I invite you to learn more about me and my coaching and counseling services. Please contact me to schedule an “It starts with you!” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me, in-person, by phone or via video consultation, so we can explore our partnership.


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