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The New Wave of Leadership — Are You Ready? Take The PADLE Model Quiz

Catch the new wave of leadership that is based on a leadership model that emphasizes embodiment and somatic awarenessHave you fallen into the trap of thinking that, to be successful, you must lead as everyone else does? You may equate leadership with control and strict discipline. I’ve got good news for you — there’s a new wave of leadership sweeping across the globe. And it’s empowering!

For millennia, leadership has been based on a hierarchical model. This “normal” leadership structure,  where a few have power and control over the many, is deeply ingrained and widespread. Today, however, a new approach to leadership is taking hold.

If you’re more interested in empowering than controlling, catch the new wave of leadership!

In this constantly evolving world, embracing change is key to staying afloat. In this constantly evolving world, embracing change is key to staying afloat. The realm of leadership, in particular, is experiencing a new wave of transformation. It’s about adaptability, empathy, and collaboration. This shift has given rise to a new breed of leaders who understand the importance of riding the tides of change.

In the past, leaders were expected to have all the answers and make decisions without much input from their teams. However, with the rise of technology and globalization, the business landscape has become more complex and interconnected.

Leaders now recognize the importance of empowering others and leveraging their collective intelligence. They understand that diverse perspectives and ideas can lead to more innovative solutions and better outcomes. This shift in mindset has created a more dynamic and agile approach to leadership, — one that is better suited to navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Leadership is an innate ability of every woman.

Every woman can be a leader on her terms. Rather than using traditional models, be part of a new, more collaborative approach to leadership. For example, several years ago a colleague and I developed a website, Newave Leaders. It was a safe place where women leaders met, using our collective power to empower other women, creating a wave big enough to make a difference in our world. In time, my colleague had other demands on her life and she left.

I’ve been dreaming of combining these two websites into one that serves the needs of women leaders who want to make a difference. Women who want to lead by supporting others and positively impacting personal lives, careers, families, and communities. That time has come!

Do you feel you’re making a difference as an authentic and inspirational leader?

What exactly does it mean to embrace the new wave of leadership? At its core, it is about embracing change, being open to new ideas, and continuously learning and growing. It requires leaders to have a growth mindset, where they see challenges as opportunities for development rather than obstacles. This mindset allows them to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Successful leaders in the new wave also possess a high level of emotional intelligence. They are not only aware of their own emotions but also empathetic towards the emotions of others. This allows them to build strong relationships and create a positive, inclusive work culture. They understand that emotional intelligence is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength that enables them to connect with others on a deeper level.

Personal and professional growth is intentional and requires consistency. If you see room for improvement, don’t be discouraged. That observation is a good sign because leaders are never content with the status quo; they’re committed to growth. 

Who you are today isn’t who you were last year, nor does it have to be who you will be tomorrow. Your strengths and weaknesses are not set in stone! You can choose to be the leader you want to be.

Propel Forward with the PADLE Model

Even though leadership is an innate part of us, it can lay dormant, buried, disguised, or unappreciated. So the first step is to gain conscious awareness of self. Strong self-awareness allows you to be present in the reality of now, which maximizes your ability to grow as you unfurl your unique leadership style.

To gain more awareness that you can leverage in your growth as a leader, learn more about the PADLE model — a five-step process where you can:The PADLE Model — The Best Way to Lead Yourself and Others to Excellence

  • explore patterns that keep you stuck — (P) Primal Core
  • clarify changes you want to make but don’t quite know how — (A) Awareness.
  • commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care — (D) Declaration.
  • identify places in your life when you would like to step forward but don’t know how or don’t think you can —(L) Leadership.
  • discover how to bring your best self forward with confidence, contribute to a group or community, and feel a sense of satisfaction — (E) Extension

If you’re ready to gain insight into your leadership skills, use the following, thought-provoking quiz to assess yourself.  You’ll also be entitled to a free 30-minute consultation where we briefly discuss your results and learn the next logical step you can take, which may be working with an embodied leadership coach like me.  

The PADLE Self-Assessment Quiz

Newave Leaders begin and support their careers with strong self-leadership. Please take the time to sit with each question in a quiet, reflective environment. You will gain new insight into your awareness of self and how you can make a greater contribution to the lives of others. I invite you to copy and paste this quiz into a document so you have a permanent record of your results. (Choose one bullet-point answer per question.)

(P) Primal Core – explore patterns that keep you stuck.

You embody your history in that the various events in your life form the beliefs and values that contribute to who you are today. How aware are you of your embodied history in your life?

  •  I’m so aware that it’s scary
  •  I’m becoming aware recently
  •  I’ve never considered how my history impacts me

There are patterns of behavior that are unconscious drivers of your thoughts and actions. Do you often find yourself in similar circumstances and wonder how you got there once again?

  •  Yes! This describes me perfectly
  •  I’m starting to become aware of that
  •  I haven’t noticed any patterns

(A) Awareness – clarify changes you want to make but don’t know how.

When you become aware that “something” needs to change it can be challenging to know how to initiate a change. Have you started to set goals for yourself?

  •  Yes, I’m on my way
  •  I know that I need to set goals but I don’t know where to start
  •  I’m not sure how goals fit into my life

Self-awareness needs to be ongoing. Do you spend time regularly reflecting on yourself?

  •  This is an everyday practice for me
  •  Off and on, I’m beginning to tap into my self-awareness
  •  Self-awareness is not part of my regular practice

(D) Declaration – commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care.

To make changes, do you embody a personal commitment to yourself and others?

  •  I have body-centered practices that motivate me to take action every day
  •  I’m still unsure of how to act on my awareness
  •  I don’t have any regular self-care routines

Self-care is essential to developing a deliberate and fulfilling life. How committed are you to developing a substantial routine as part of your self-care repertoire?

  •  I currently have a strong self-care practice
  •  My self-care practice is emerging and I’m interested in making it more robust
  •  I’m not sure how to fit self-care into my life

(L) Leadership – identify places in your life when you would like to step forward but don’t know how or don’t think you can.

You CAN tap into the leader within you. Are there places in your life where you are looking to or have taken the lead?

  • Yes, I’m excited about developing my leadership persona
  •  I’ve thought about taking the lead but don’t know how
  •  I haven’t thought about myself as a leader

Everyone has leadership potential. Are you ready to step forward as a visible leader?

  •  I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and am on my way to leadership
  •  I’m intrigued. I’m wondering what that looks like for me
  •  I’m not sure if I’m ready for leadership

(E) Extension – discover how to bring your best self forward with confidence, contribute to a group or community, and feel a sense of satisfaction.

We all want to contribute to our families, communities and the world in a positive way. Are you aware of your current contributions to your family, community, your work or the world?

  •  Yes, I am committed to positive contributions in every setting
  •  I’m ready to make a bigger contribution and I need support to move in this direction
  •  I hadn’t thought about how I contribute to my family, community, or the world

By bringing your best self forward every day, you will live a fulfilling life. Do you have a clear idea of what “best self” is for you?

  •  Yes, I visualize that every day
  •  I would like some support visualizing my ideal self
  • I struggle to be my best self

Assessing yourself honestly, but without judgment, is the first step toward actualizing your full potential. I urge you to schedule an annual retake of this quiz to see how you’re growing as a Newave Leader. And please contact me to schedule your free 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can coach you as you reach your goal to catch the New Wave of Leadership.

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