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Feeling Alone? 5 Ways to Build Your Own Community of Empowering Women

Build your own community of empowered women by intentionally connecting every week with women you admire.In bygone eras, women knew the power of community. They met together in quilting bees, book clubs, and lunch socials. Yes, these leaned heavily toward socializing, because professional opportunities for women were severely restricted. Ironically, today women have endless professional opportunities but our community support has declined.  Are you feeling alone? Then I urge you to build your own community of empowering women.

For decades, I’ve been passionate about women recognizing their leader within. No matter our role in life, we are all leaders. 

First and foremost, we lead ourselves. Through intentional and mindful choices we work toward fulfilling our ambitions and realizing our dreams

Don’t underestimate the influence you have on others. Your words and actions shape how others see themselves and the world. By your example, you model a behavior that everyone you interact with evaluates. They are either attracted to it or they’re repelled. A positive, forward-thinking attitude can move them to imitate you because it gets results and is so appealing.

A woman’s advantage

Some women still grow up with a built-in community. Ages of wisdom have been shared from grandmother to mother to daughter, from aunt to niece, and from sister to sister. We know this community of sisters and elders anchors us to truths that other people haven’t experienced. We can turn to one another, wherever we find our sister or soul sister, mother or elder.

This message of community is powerfully expressed in Margaret Wheatley’s poem, “Turning to One Another*.” She tells us “There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” She reminds us that we MUST turn to one another. That is where we find the strength to discover “what’s possible” and know that others “share our dreams”.

How can you build your own community?

Even if you haven’t grown up with an empowering support system, you can build your own, by being open to making new connections, reaching out, conversing, and sharing your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. 

No one should have to go it alone. 

While I’m not sharing the nuts and bolts of how to start a community, I am sharing the core foundation that must be in place to make any community group work.

Here are five ways to help create more community and connection in your world. 

Notice that, within each area, you give to yourself before you can give to others. 

1. Shine a spotlight on other women. Don’t be afraid to verbalize or write your gratitude for the women in your life. Tell them how you appreciate what they do and the way they are in the world. Engaging the power of gratitude reinforces a positive element in your perspective, mood, and focus. Think also about how positive acknowledgment has impacted you. Make time every day to express gratitude and never be “too busy”. And don’t forget to write yourself a love note in your journal. Too often, we’re our worst critic, so we need to turn that critic into an enthusiast.

2. Recapture your essential nature. Generations of people have learned to suppress and disown their true selves. They give away their power by hiding behind a persona and showing the world a censored version of self. It’s time to bring back your authentic self! When you reconnect with your purpose and values, you’ll embrace what and who you are now AND actively unlock the full potential of what and who you can dynamically become through mindful, personal growth. Only in this way can you build community with others.

3. Model healthful living. A healthy body is the powerhouse from which we attain meaningful aspirations and dreams. Without clean water, nutritious food, and energizing exercise, the human body can’t function properly. When you practice and model wellness, you empower women to be the best version of themselves. Also, it’s essential to nurture a powerful spirit that lets dreams soar and won’t give up. A practice of mindfulness and self-awareness is the basis for creating harmony in this mind/body/spirit connection. 

Empowering women build community by empowering the next generation of females to become leaders4. Promote lifelong learning. It gives you a competitive edge in today’s job market. Women who know they can learn new skills when needed won’t feel stuck in a profession. It makes you a highly sought after as an expert in any field.  It slows cognitive decline and makes you a happier and more interesting person. You’ll always have something to talk about, so conversations can be more deeply meaningful.

5. Invest in yourself. Before you can give to others, it’s vital to have a continual commitment to developing oneself in order to be a stronger part of the community. This can be challenging because as women, we’re often juggling multiple responsibilities and end up lacking the time, energy, or focus to do deep personal work. Make a commitment to yourself to get away and seriously explore and clarify what you want. Visit lovely surroundings where you can de-stress and think deeply without distraction.

Today’s woman wants her life to matter. She wants to make a difference in the world. As a result, many women, like myself, have stepped into the roles of coach, mentor, and leader. We, as women, have the privilege and responsibility to use our community to empower each new generation to come. 

You don’t need a maternal instinct to make a difference. If you want to leave a lasting legacy of empowering women, start by really seeing the person, no matter their age. Ask about them. Get to know them. Commend them. Show you value them.

By building your own community of empowering women, you can share your passion for developing their internal leader, incubating their dreams, and turning their vision into a new reality. 

A community begins with two people connecting. As others are included, the supportive spirit ripples out into the world, profoundly impacting the lives of all those involved. 

Your “Dream Big, Start Small” here’s the one thing you can do today.

Build your own community of empowered women by intentionally connecting with people you admire every week.

Too many people feel alone, despite being surrounded by people. We all need a supportive community. Rather than waiting for others to invite us in, take the first step by expressing gratitude and appreciation. Who can you connect more deeply with today? A short phone call, a brief thank you note, or even a smile can be the beginning. Every day, intentionally reach out to someone you want as part of your supportive community.

I’m bringing together like-minded women from around the world into a special Mastermind Group. We’re creating a safe space to share our ambitions and dreams, supporting one another through embodied leadership practices.  Please, contact me and let me know if you’re interested in joining. It’s a paid membership, so only those serious about personal and professional growth will attend.  

 *For your convenience, here’s a link to Margaret J. Wheatley’s “Turning to One Another.”

 photos by Joel Muniz and Kiana Bosman 

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