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Women, Wisdom and Presence Retreat

Women, Wisdom and Presence Retreat

Evolving our presence in the world

Mindo Ecuador Women's Retreat September 2018

Join us as we travel to the rainforest in Mindo, Ecuador to Re-treat into our authentic selves and Re-fresh our journey of growth, leadership and vibrant living.

Together, we will explore how to recognize, name, and support the leader within, and identify ways to live differently, love fully, and be, wholly, who we are meant to be.

Isn’t it true, that as women we’re very busy caring for others, so we don’t always give ourselves permission to take time to do deep personal work?

But there are times when we feel the call to slow down, even stop, and reconnect to our inner self.

Is that what you’re inner voice is telling you to do? If so, then please join us in Mindo to take a journey to…

  • Connect to your deep inner wisdom and rediscover your voice that you may have unknowingly silenced over the years.
  • Identify ways to live differently, love fully, and finally be who you are meant to be.
  • Create grounding practices that will help you sustain well-being beyond this retreat, so your mind, body and spirit are aligned day in and day out.
  • Tap into your purpose, your mission and the leader you are within, so you lead yourself and others in the world with intention.

Who is Leading This Retreat?

Allow us to introduce ourselves….

Maria Connolly, somatic psychotherapist and coachMaria Connolly. I’m a Somatic psychotherapist and coach. I coach with the body in mind, which means understanding the way we have embodied ways of being, the way we move, walk, operate, and respond to others and events based on our earlier experiences. I also weave my Feldenkrais – “Awareness Through Movement” – training to support the mind-body connection, to move and perform more deliberately and resourcefully. I’m also an NLP master practitioner, integrating these skills and tools to help people achieve profound and lasting transformation.

We met in 2016 at a coach development event – Coaches Rising, Power of Embodied Transformation. After our transformational experience, we continued our connection with each other and became great personal and professional friends. We realized that in collaboration, we have a lot to offer.

We’re ready to bring our experience and wisdom forward and provide an opportunity for other women to explore their ways of being, their leader within, and “neways” of being present in the world. We have a collaborative goal of providing opportunities for growth based on the quality, excellence of presenters, and depth of emotional intelligence we learned from Coaches Rising.

Louise Santiago, executive coach and organizational consultantLouise Santiago. I’m a leadership coach and the founder the Center for Learning Leaders, where leadership is intentional. I believe that leadership is innate in all people so I work to purposefully develop exceptional leaders. I’ve found many people simply need a little support to bring forward their internal leader. I love leading purpose-centered leadership events for both emerging and experienced leaders. I’m also a Reiki Master, integrating the belief that we have the tools to care for ourselves and others, we simply need to identify them and intentionally integrate them into our lives.

“Working with Maria has helped me integrate and appreciate all that I am…as a woman, mother, creative artist and human. Her insightful facilitation, all at once, challenges and guides me to look deeply and compassionately at the limiting beliefs that have blocked me from true success…and every week I have some deep epiphany that catapults me to yet another level of growth. Both my business and personal life have taken off in ways that still leave me in awe of where I was only 6 months ago! Instead of hiding behind wishful thinking and excuses, I am now fully participating in my own life and the proof is showing up in the exciting projects and collaborations that are happening in my career, as well as the overall feeling of confidence and happiness! Through her personal coaching and workshops, she has inspired me to step into a leadership role and I am finally a full participant in my own life.” ~ Debbie Thornton ~ Photographer

“I’m delighted and surprised at the impact of having regular sounding board and a safe environment in which to express both positives and challenges of my leadership. I was able to create boundaries around some staff members who see my role as being different from how it really is. I became the leader rather than the manager of the site”. ~ Anonymous client of Louise

How Can I Determine if This Is The Right Experience for Me Now?

womens retreatThis experience is for you, if you are …

  • checkA Learner…
    • Continuously growing personally and professionally,
    • Committed to sharing my learning with family, friends, colleagues and others.
  • checkEmpowered…
    • Interested in defining my own path from a place of passion, mission and connectedness.
    • Intent on a path of self-actualization.
    • Wise from life-experience.
  • checkHave a Growth Mindset…
    • Want to push past limits in my current setting, work, or life place.
    • Interested in challenging and transforming myself and my work.
  • checkResourceful…
    • Willing to practice my own vulnerability through open communication.
    • Open to leadership as place to live from, not a title to hold or job to have.
    • Ready to invest time and money to my personal development.

What’s My Investment to Participate in This Retreat?

Our goal was to make this experience attainable for resourceful women committed to personal development. Seven days of vibrant living and leadership coaching, as well as six nights of lodging, all meals, ground transportation and two local excursions in beautiful Mindo, Ecuador is included in your investment of $2500.

You have two payment options:

  • Pay in full upon registering and pay only $2200 ($300 savings).
  • Pay 50% upon registering and the balance by the 1st of August.

You will need to pay for your own round trip airfare to Quito, Ecuador. (We’ve already done research on the best airfare available so feel free to contact us for tips.)

Are You Ready To Register?
Or Perhaps You Have Addition Questions?

Please contact us to get your registration started.

Or we’re happy to schedule a phone consultation so we can answer any questions and help you honestly determine whether this is the right time in your life for this experience. Don’t worry… this is not a high-pressure sales call. It’s the opportunity to explore the possibility for growth and renewal. And if this is not your year, we plan on doing this annually so there will be more opportunities!

Imagine coming together to form a new way of being present in the world, because…

“… the world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible.”
~ Margaret Wheatley

Let's get started with 30 free minutes

I invite you to learn more about me and my coaching and counseling services. Please contact me to schedule an “It starts with you!” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me, in-person, by phone or via video consultation, so we can explore our partnership.


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