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How to Cultivate Inner Goodness — The Missing Value We Absolutely Need

Cultivating inner goodness as one of our core values makes us capable of living more meaningfully and spreading goodness outwardly to our community. What I love about my community of people is that you want to make a difference, living a meaningful life that’s filled with purpose. To do that we focus on one of the most important elements to fulfilling your potential — being wholly connected with your core values. Over time you’ll find that you refine and re-define what your core values are. In youth, you may focus on ambition. In later years, you may focus on resilience. In my list of core values, I left out one that I believe we need now more than ever: cultivating inner goodness.  

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How Your Inner Compass Guides You to a Life of Strength, Meaning & Harmony

Learn how to become more sensitive to what your inner compass is telling you so you make better decisions, enjoy life more fully and have fewer regrets. “On the ocean of life let your mind be the ship and your heart be the compass.” ~ James David Manning

Janine bit her lip and agreed to the project. As soon as she did, her whole body felt like it was caving in on her. Her heart felt heavy and the burden was overwhelming. What had she done? Her inner compass was telling her something, but she wasn’t listening.

Have you ever felt like Janine? Sometimes we make a decision and we feel so light; we’re walking on air. Other times, we feel so heavy and burdened. If only there was a way to guarantee that more of your decisions make you happy…

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