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These Essential Life Skills Aren’t Taught In K–12 School. Are You Using Them?

We must use our influence to spotlight some vital, yet under-utilized, essential life skills that truly make a difference in our quality of life. You are you, in part, because of what you were taught. While genetics play a huge role, our growth environment cannot be discounted. We learned basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills in K-12 school. Beyond learning essential life skills, such as hygiene and lawfulness, we were educated by how people (family, friends, authority figures, local community, and even the ruling government)  treated us — their words, actions, and attitudes created our map of the world and taught us how to be. 

If the sources for our education are sound, we flourish, even under adversity. However, if we’re not exposed to the following essential life skills, we’ll be overly anxious and won’t cope well. However, let’s acknowledge this…

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