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Tag: Mental Health

Find tips on healing, supporting and maintaining the best mental health practices by also achieving the best physical, emotional and spiritual health practices too.

Stop Holding On To Emotional Baggage! 10 Ways You Can Leave It All Behind

Is it possible to stop holding on to emotional baggage? Yes! There is actually a tried-and-true process for leaving something behind resourcefully. Is it possible to stop holding on to emotional baggage? Yes! There is actually a tried-and-true process for leaving something behind resourcefully

Have you noticed how easy it is to hold on to negative life events? A “failed” relationship. A “stupid” decision. A judgmental comment. The list is endless. We’ve got them neatly packed away in our brains, so they can resurface and haunt us all over again. 

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Recovery: How to Use This Power Skill for Peak Emotional Fitness

The Universal Recovery Principles, which apply to physical, emotional and psychological recovery, help us play the long game without being overwhelmed.When people think of the steps to recovery, they often associate it with drug or alcohol abuse or trauma. As a result, the word “recovery” has an element of judgment or negativity attached to it… “Oh, you’re in recovery, well we won’t talk about that!” Added to that, the common attitude toward being successful in business and the sports world is that we must “Hustle and push through it, Rest is for wimps!” Thankfully, despite this negativity, people are finally recognizing how vital recovery is to our ability to perform at our very best.

In the following example, you’ll see why recovery is so essential…

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Cultivate a Reflective Practice that Nurtures Personal and Professional Growth

Cultivating a reflective practice gives you a structured process of introspection, analysis, and evaluation of thoughts, actions, and experiences.A parent asks the child, “What are you doing?” Her response “I’m thinking.” The parent comes back with, “Don’t you think it would be better if you got up and did something constructive like cleaning your room instead?” We’re trained at an early age that “doing” and ‘’checking off tasks” is what’s important. We certainly aren’t taught a formula, system, or reflective practice to unpack our experiences. But I’m here to do that for you and we’ll get to that in a moment.

As a result, we’re caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks and responsibilities. We race through life, rarely pausing to reflect on our actions, decisions, and experiences. However, cultivating a reflective practice can be a transformative journey that brings clarity, self-awareness, and personal growth. One of my favorite quotes helps bring this into perspective…

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Manage Self-Sabotaging Thoughts to Empower a Life of Freedom

Self-sabotaging thoughts change your body chemistry and the way you move, yet you can become more open and joyful by adjusting your thought patterns.Which would you say is more stressful and damaging to your health — stress from a car accident or from a messy house? — a breakup with a romantic partner or a friend who makes you crazy because she never follows through on what she promises? — a harsh comment from a friend or self-sabotaging thoughts?

We’re well-equipped to handle short-term stressors or life-threatening situations. We deal with it, then we’re free of it. But if there’s constant, long-term, nagging stress, we suffer deeply. 

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How to Improve Your State of Mind, Body & Spirit — 5 Proven Techniques

Every day, we cycle through various states — most people think of these as simply emotional and mental shifts that affect our well-being. But I’m going to show you that there’s much more involved. Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? You wake up on the wrong side of the bed — you feel tired, irritated, unhappy… and that state of mind sours your whole day. You say the wrong things, people totally misunderstand you, your hands fumble and spill coffee on your shirt, you can’t concentrate, and the disasters keep rolling in. No matter how you try to improve your state of mind, you keep getting drawn back into it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a reliable way to shift gears? A way to really improve your state of mind by:

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