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Set Yourself Up for Success — 6 Simple Strategies You Can Use Daily

Set yourself up for success by using my 3-step system, plus 6 simple strategies that give you a firm foundation for making any kind of lasting change.Are you energized to face each new day? Or is it starting to feel like “the grind” or maybe even like a meaningless “rat race”? Many people have learned to be satisfied with the status quo, but if you want to set yourself up for success, be willing to do some fine-tuning now and then.

You can set yourself up for success by following some really simple, yet surprisingly powerful daily strategies. These are especially effective if you’re a service professional juggling the demands of a private practice with your personal life.

At the heart of any life change, there are three simple steps to take:

  1. Bring it in to focus with mindfulness — notice what you are doing while suspending any judgment.
  2. Make one small change to disrupt the cycle.
  3. Practice intentionally and often.

These three steps are deceptively simple and powerful because they enable you to get to the heart of what creates real and lasting change. Make these three steps your go-to system, and you’ll master anything in life, including the following strategies that set you up for success.

Six Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in Life and Business

1. Center yourself to become focused, energized and joyful. You can set yourself up for success by getting to know yourself extremely well and identifying what you really want from life. 

A daily centering practice can greatly assist you in doing this. How? When you first wake up, set aside 15 minutes to meditate and quiet your mind. When your mind is fresh and less cluttered with the day’s workload, you’ll be able to ground yourself more easily and stay tuned into and aware of your inner self. As a result, you’ll make better decisions and choose more focused and productive activities throughout the day.

2. Be willing to make tough decisions rather than trying to do everything. Saying “no” to one thing means you have the opportunity to say “yes” to something that is more in alignment with your life goals. Don’t let guilt rob you of your joy, but know that you’re making the best choices you can in the current moment for you, your clients, and your family.

Hold to your values and don’t settle. This is where you’ll perform at your highest potential. If you tend to make excuses as to why you can’t get what you want, recognize it for what it is — fear — and mindfully change your focus and view it as an opportunity to grow.

3. Take care of your physical health to dramatically increase your creativity and productivity. Go outside into the sunshine as early in the day as possible to keep your circadian rhythm in balance. Enjoy the beauty of nature, which lowers your cortisol and adrenaline levels, giving you a calm, clear mind. 

Even as the weather changes, bundle up and continue your outside activities. Heart-pumping exercise makes your brain work better. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water, and eat healthful foods that replenish your energy supplies. And remember, don’t take yourself too seriously – laughter really is the best medicine!

4. Stick to your game plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you make the best plans to get there? When you create and review your life goals and strategic business plan regularly, it gives you clarity and keeps you and your business moving forward. This really sets you up for success, because you get rid of your sense of overwhelm and wasting time.

5. Create a working environment that supports your success. Having the right tools, processes, and systems allows you to achieve each goal quickly and with less effort. This even includes how often you check your email. You’ll be more productive if you set limits and block out time for specific business activities such as phone consultations, bookkeeping, or errands. It’s impossible to give your best to a project or person when your attention is divided.

Prioritize your daily tasks for the future you desire. Do the hardest work when you’re at your peak. For some, it’s early morning, while others do their best work in the afternoon.

6. Surround yourself with those who make you stretch. Isolating yourself is the worst thing you can do. People who uplift, inspire, and inform you will help you perform at a level higher than you ever expected. 

Make these people part of your daily life and make the effort to meet and connect with one new person each week. This can be either a personal or business connection. If you make this a goal, you’ll look for opportunities to make it happen, and you’ll find it truly enriches your life.

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