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Stephen Gilligan – I’ve studied with Stephen Gilligan. His work, known as Self-relations Psychotherapy, reconnects mind-body processes and encourages and supports radical change.

Health Journeys – Find guided imagery and meditation tapes, CDs, books and software—holistic health tools that teach healing and wellness practices.

Lundy Bancroft – Lundy Bancroft is an author, workshop leader, and activist on trauma, abuse, and healing. Lundy’s articles regarding trauma and abuse, healing, and social change are available on this website.

Wellesley – This website has information on the Relational-Cultural Model of development which focuses on growth-fostering relationships as the central human necessity and disconnections as the source of psychological problems.

NLP Oregon – I’ve trained extensively with Lindagail Campbell of Oregon’s NLP Training Center. These trainings are available here in Southern Oregon. Learn how NLP can improve your quality of life.

NLPU – NLP University is dedicated to presenting the best possible NLP seminars to the international NLP community.

Bruce Lipton – Research scientist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., introduces a long-awaited paradigm shift in the biomedical sciences. The new science will inspire your spirit, engage your mind and challenge your creativity.

Ashland Hypnotherapy – Ashland School of Hypnotherapy provides professional and personal development through innovative, in-depth training in hypnotherapy.

Gene Burnett – I’ve enjoyed T’ai-Chi classes with Gene Burnett as a way to increase self-awareness and relaxation. Learn more about the classes he holds in Ashland, Oregon.

Internet Writing Pro – Jennifer Odear specializes in marketing and copywriting services for therapists, coaches and consultants. Check out her website for simple marketing solutions.

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I invite you to learn more about me and my coaching and counseling services. Please contact me to schedule an “It starts with you!” 30-minute complimentary consultation with me, in-person, by phone or via video consultation, so we can explore our partnership.


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