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5 Key Values of a Modern Day Renaissance Woman. Is This YOU?

A modern day Renaissance Woman has many interests and skills.“I want to be a Renaissance Woman. I want to paint, and I want to write, and I want to act, and I just want to do everything.” ~ Emma Watson 

Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Mae Jemison — to name just a few — can all claim the distinction of being a modern day Renaissance Woman. To understand this reference, we have to go back in history to Italy during the 14th century. 

Since I grew up in Italy, I greatly enjoyed studying the Renaissance period. The name “Renaissance” comes from the French word meaning “rebirth.” It was a rebirth from the Middle Ages. It gave birth to discovery and exploration, innovation, and a resurgence of classical learning and spiritual enlightenment. 

The Renaissance era sparks my imagination, as I mentally put myself at that time when people opened up to new cultures and thoughts and where humanity became front and center. I imagine the excitement brought by learning many trades, the opportunity to apprentice (I know mostly men were allowed to do this, but we know of a few women rebels!) under a master and taking the time to really learn and embody a skill

The idea of cultivating many interests, not as a way to diverge but as a practice, a way of deepening the capacity for learning and becoming more well-rounded appeals to me. It inspires me! I’m not trying to become a jill-of-all-trades. Rather, I’m looking to find a common thread among many things so they add to my positive outlook, curiosity and thirst for novelty. 

The following list contains five key values that a Modern Day Renaissance Woman embodies. 

I’ve added a sampling of articles that explore each one in more detail. If you’re a Renaissance Woman, you’ll dive in and enjoy each one!

#1 – Loves continual learning!

#2 – Focuses on personal development blending physical, mental, and emotional skills.

Physical Development:

Mental Development:

Emotional Development:

#3 – Displays extraordinary self-knowledge.

#4 – Develops a vision for life, not adopting someone else’s, and dares to follow her dreams.

#5 – Lives fully.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, progress began accelerating until today. However, humanity now feels exhausted from trying to keep up with our fast-paced existence and obsession with social media. It’s time that we choose to slow down and savor what we’re hearing and reading so that we actually learn from it. A world-renowned Renaissance Man (aka polymath) Leonardo da Vinci, wisely said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” 

There’s a big difference between reading, hearing, learning and embodying. Online, we’re told that we can read an article, then claim to be an expert. Does that feel authentic to you? This misinformation is hindering people from becoming real leaders in their industries. They’re not embodying the learning, so don’t feel qualified and subsequently lack confidence.

It’s only when you embody what you learn — you live it with every fiber of your body and mind — that your passion fuels your efforts to build a business or career upon it. In my somatic coaching practice, I love working with the modern day Renaissance Woman. I invite you to click the link in the navigation bar above, “Work with Me”, and see the different services I offer, then book a 30 complimentary call with me and see if we’re a good fit. I’d love to partner with you and provide support as you achieve YOUR dreams!

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