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Low Motivation – 5 Powerful Ways to Harmonize Action and Fear

Life motivation can make you stronger and unstoppable when you harmonize or balance your fears with your motivation, so learn five life skills to do so.

Is your closet full of unfinished projects? Are your shelves covered with training courses you started, but never completed? Do you have relationships that are unfulfilling and stagnant? How often do you feel really excited and motivated to try something new, but as you begin, fear creeps in and stops you from taking the next step necessary to moving forward? If you suffer from  low motivation learn to bravely take action by creating harmony within yourself when you feel fear.

Our perception of fear of failure is one of the biggest thought patterns we must heal. Fear is simply an indicator that you’re entering an area that brings you discomfort because of lack of knowledge or your own limiting beliefs are manifesting themselves. (We’re not discussing the type of fear that is based on real threats to your safety.) This fear is letting you know that this is where you must open yourself up for further personal  growth. Action is not at odds with fear, but is really a powerful collaborator with fear. When you develop a healthy balance between action and fear, you become unstoppable. How do you achieve this harmony?

When you have low motivation, remember these five skills that create collaboration and balance between action and fear.

Fear and action are both forms of energy. So, by shifting your perspective, you can transform the fear energy into courage and optimism. Then you can tap into the power of that positive energy in five ways:

  1. Focus on the positive.Often we only focus on the end goal. Unfortunately, this sets you up for discouragement if you don’t meet the perfect schedule or deadline you’ve created for yourself. The fear creeps in as a defeatist attitude – “I messed up. I’m never going to… Why try anymore.” Instead, look at what you’ve already accomplished even if it seems small. Find joy in every evidence of progress and don’t allow the negative thoughts to zap your power. Be happy with where you are today, not thinking about how much further you must go to achieve your goal.
  1. Set milestone markers along the way. You wouldn’t drive across the United States in one day. You set markers like, “We’re going to stop in Wyoming tonight and we’ll be in St. Louis by Monday.” We need markers for our life goals too. And as you reach each milestone you can reflect mindfully and feel a sense of accomplishment for the progress you’ve made, which in turn builds your motivation and dispels fears.
  1. Celebrate your victories. Don’t let these milestones pass by without making a big deal about them. Celebrate your victory and make it a permanent memory – one that you can recall when the going gets tough. You’ll remember that you did it then, so you can do it now.
  1. Pat yourself on the back.You would commend a friend for a job well done, wouldn’t you? Don’t withhold that praise from yourself. Generously give yourself some well-deserved approval. It’s not being egotistical. We need to acknowledge and feel good about our accomplishments to build our self-esteem and confidence.
  1. Fuel the momentum. Momentum fuels motivation. It gives you a sense of anticipation that you really can achieve your goal. Each time you feel fearful, address the fear, either through increased knowledge or awareness, and you’ll free yourself to rise above and ride the new wave of excitement leading to your inevitable success.

When you address the issue of low motivation from an intentional and mindful mindset, you’ll be able to “adjust your dials” to come closer to your place of harmony and balance. Fear isn’t something to be avoided. It’s a body sensation that is simply a signal.

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