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Feeling Frazzled? How to Increase Productivity through Body Awareness

You can increase productivity through body movement by learning to match body sensations and emotions, then choosing the most resourceful responses.Breathless, clammy, fuzzy, hot, heavy, dizzy, queasy, or shaky are a few body sensations you may experience when you’re frazzled. What if you could replace those sensations and feel energized, full, expansive, smooth, and radiating? It would definitely not only enhance your productivity, but it would also make you more joyful and confident. But how can you increase productivity through body awareness? Why is body awareness the key?

You’ll often hear people speak of the mind-body-spirit connection. Yet doesn’t it seem like the mind and spirit get most of the attention? What about your body? By increasing your body awareness you’ll be amazed how it enhances your productivity.

Your emotions are experienced and stored in your body and manifested through body sensations. So for example, when you’re happy (emotion) you feel spacious and light in the chest (body sensations). But when someone says something that makes you feel anxious (emotion), your shoulders slump and you feel deflated and dull (body sensations).

Do you see how body awareness is the key to unlocking your energy and productivity? If you quickly recognize body sensations, you can identify the emotions that drive them, giving you an opportunity to mindfully shift to a more resourceful state of mind.

The good news is you actually have the power to change what your body feels! For example, if you’re feeling timid and uncertain, you can breathe deeply, soften and straighten your spine, lift your head and look people in the eyes. The more you practice this, the more it will be your natural response, leading you to feel more self-confident and self-assured. And, as a result, your productivity will skyrocket!

How to improve productivity through body awareness

Do you want to increase your body awareness? Here are some simple ways to get better acquainted with how your body responds to emotions. Observe what body sensations and emotions manifest as you do each of the following:

Get regular exercise. It’s been proven to reduce stress, boost your “feel good” endorphins, enhance your self-confidence, sharpen your thinking ability, ground you, and inspire creativity. Are you feeling anxious? Channel your anxiety into the physical act of exercise and release it. Invite all of your feelings, whether you view them as positive or negative, to come through your movement.

Improve your posture.  Sitting in a slumped, helpless position invites thoughts and memories to manifest. Sitting in an upright, powerful position invites empowering thoughts and memories.

Focus on your muscles. By relaxing and contracting mindfully through all of your muscle groups you create deeper mind/body awareness that allows you to move more freely.

Engage in visualization. Imagine yourself enjoying the benefits of reaching your goal. Have you been procrastinating for years on a project? Visualize how great it feels to finally get it done and feel that in your body. The more engaged you become in this, the more your brain actually believes it to be true, which gives you the momentum to actually get the project finished.

Re-center. If you feel like you’re under attack, you’re out of balance and are possibly operating from a place of disrespect or distrust. Instead of giving in to the fight or flight response or freezing up, use centering and breathing techniques that promote emotional calmness and mental alertness that enable you to respond gracefully to even the most stressful situations.

An awareness of what you’re body is telling you is essential to living and enjoying a more productive life. When your body is congruent with your mind and spirit, you’ll be able to control the physiological responses to stress instead of feeling frazzled!

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