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Find a Mentor If You Want to Discover Your Full Potential

Reach your full potential by seeking mentors who draw out your best, support and encourage you. Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s so much potential in each one of us yet uncertainty and feelings of inadequacy often hold us back. The ability to tap into our potential often lies in having the right mentor at the right time.

You might think that you’ve never had a mentor but if you’re lucky, you had a loving support system as a child helping you become your very best. When you made a mistake, there was someone like a parent, a grandparent or teacher who kindly corrected you and showed you a better way and explained why it was so. When you felt unworthy or inadequate, you had a best friend or coach that was there to cheer you on and reassure you that you could do it.

As an adult you can unlock your potential by seeking out mentors who keep you grounded and at the same time help you to soar. Personal development, especially for those who want to reach their full potential, isn’t a one-time spectacular event. It’s a life-long process.

I’ve been blessed with a number of mentors who believe in me and who are there when I need them. I found my most meaningful mentor later in life. It was during a very difficult time when my self-esteem was not very strong and my future not so clear. 

He was both a strong and gentle presence that met me where I was and guided me out of the chaos I was in. Looking back now I feel so blessed and so grateful not only for the words of encouragement and the relentless support, but for the gift of friendship. Through developing our own relationship, I was able to develop a strong relationship with myself, become my own unwavering sponsor.  

As my mentor, he helped me to learn…

To be a better version of myself,

To be curious about life and people,

To have the confidence that I can overcome anything in life,

To view life as a precious gift,

And to be in awe of beauty all around.

To learn all of these things about myself I had to be open to hearing what he had to say. I had to let go of resentment, guilt and doubt to let the good come in. To this day, I feel grateful for his presence in my life and seek his counsel often when I’m unsure about how to handle something personal or professional.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment. ~ Lao Tzu

This positive experience has led me to seek more mentors. And today I’m proud to count among my teachers some of the most skilled in their field. What’s truly remarkable about them as mentors is that, despite their expertise, they remain so approachable and humble.

To all my wonderful mentors – you know who you are – thank you for helping me become who I am today.

There is so much wisdom within the people around you. Rather than going it alone and learning the hard way, why not tap into the wisdom of someone who has already grown into the place where you want to be? Seek out someone who lives the way that you want to live. If you want a good marriage, seek out someone who has been happily married a long time. If you want to become a great therapist, reach out to someone in your field that you admire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how willing they are to share their life’s experience with you. Finding yourself can be as easy as opening your eyes, ears and heart and taking it all in.


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