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Feeling Drained? Discover How to Manage Your Energy and Reclaim Your Vitality

When you’re feeling drained, a somatic approach makes you fully aware of energy sappers and how to renew your physical, emotional, and mental energies.Don’t you just hate it when you try to use your cell phone, but the battery is dead?  Not because you’ve made so many calls, but because the apps running in the background have used up all the energy? These hidden drains on your operating system affect your ability to connect with others. Is something similar happening with your mental and emotional energy when you’re feeling drained? Are there hidden energy zappers working in the background that you’re not even aware of?

At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of 95 possible hidden energy drains. I encourage you to look the list over and identify the ones that are impacting your life right now. But for now, it’s more important to work on the skills that will help you manage your energy mindfully and intentionally. Then when you identify an energy zapper, you’ll know how to pull its plug!  

We have a limited amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy. And these energies are interconnected and interdependent. If your physical energy is low, your mental and emotional capabilities with be lessened. And visa versa…low mental or emotional energy will make you feel physically sluggish. So, if we want to learn to effectively manage our energy, we must treat ourselves as a somatic whole

First, we must understand what renews and restores our energy. Daily, we need to replenish the following physical, emotional, and mental fuel sources. We can’t “treat” only one part of ourselves while ignoring the other parts. 

A Somatic ( Whole Person) Approach to Renewing Energy When You’re Feeling Drained Includes:

Renew Physical Energy

  • Nourishing food
  • Hydrating water and healthful liquids
  • Restorative sleep
  • Regular exercise

Renew Emotional Energy

  • Positive self-talk
  • Living in harmony with values and purpose
  • Self-esteem building accomplishments
  • Supportive network of people
  • Mentors

Renew Mental Energy

  • Continuing education
  • Creativity-sparking activities
  • Challenges that keep you engaged
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Growth mindset

In practical terms, how can you use the above-mentioned fuel when your energy is lagging? Let’s learn from Sarah’s example:

Sarah is a creative and compassionate person, driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world. However, she was stuck in a corporate job that prioritized profit over people and creativity — a harsh and toxic environment for her!

At the end of each workday, she had no energy left for family, friends, or self-care, like exercise and self-reflection. Her evenings typically ended with scrolling through social media while drinking a few glasses of wine. She continually struggled with headaches and poor digestion, as well as, back and neck pain. She became short-tempered and impatient…so unlike how she normally is.

How would you help her renew her energy? You can see she needs to fuel all aspects of her life — physically, emotionally, and mentally — at the same time, can’t you? It goes without saying that working in an exercise routine would be helpful, but it wouldn’t be the full solution. So, how can she renew her energy without feeling even more overwhelmed?

I encouraged her to take baby steps toward managing her energy. She became more aware of how she was spending her energy. And then she began to mindfully make choices that added to her energy, instead of depleting it further.  

Here are some of the things that helped her to stop feeling drained. She….

Replaced evening social media and wine with aromatherapy, easy stretches, and listening to a podcast that refreshed her mind. This helped her sleep better and she started taking a 20-minute walk first thing every morning. The podcast and the morning time for reflection helped her to think about alternative career paths that would enable her to merge her passion for creativity, compassion, and making a positive impact.

Rather than mindlessly reacting to stressful situations, she began a mindfulness practice that helped her expose self-talk, self-doubt, and fear that was keeping her locked into the job. Together we worked on ways for her to overcome these limiting beliefs and replaced them with positive intentions and affirmations that invigorated her.

She came to recognize that she wasn’t responsible for what others did or said, but she was responsible for how she reacted and responded. Long story short…the harsh words spoken to her no longer had a devastating effect because she knew her own worth. She no longer takes everything personally nor worries about pleasing everyone else.

Sarah decided to take a leap of faith and transitioned into a role within a nonprofit organization that aligns with her values. The new position allows her to combine her skills with her passion for creating social change. The work is challenging, but she has a sense of fulfillment and purpose in every task she tackles. Sarah discovered a renewed sense of belonging and well-being as she surrounds herself with like-minded individuals who share her vision. 

What’s your story? What’s sapping your energy? How can you take baby steps to renew your energy somatically? If you’re not sure, why not contact me and schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation and see how Somatich Coaching is a great option for you? Or if you’re self-motivated, my Intro to Stepping Forward is a fabulous self-help resource.

Bonus: 95 nuanced things that may be exhausting your energy

  1. Toxic or negative relationships
  2. Overthinking and excessive worrying
  3. Feeling overwhelmed by excessive responsibilities
  4. Lack of boundaries with others
  5. Perfectionism and fear of failure
  6. Financial stress or instability
  7. Uncertainty about the future
  8. Feeling unsupported or misunderstood
  9. Lack of self-care and neglecting personal needs
  10. Negative self-talk and self-criticism
  11. Overworking or a demanding job
  12. Conflict or tension in personal relationships
  13. Feeling disconnected from personal values and purpose
  14. Loneliness or lack of a strong support system
  15. Constantly seeking approval or validation from others
  16. Being in an unsatisfying or unfulfilling job or career
  17. Overcommitting and difficulty saying no
  18. Feeling stuck or stagnant in personal growth and development
  19. Lack of time for hobbies and activities that bring joy
  20. Feeling out of balance and neglecting self-reflection
  21. Excessive exposure to negative news or media
  22. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality
  23. Excessive multitasking and feeling scattered
  24. Feeling unheard or invalidated in conversations
  25. Fear of making decisions or taking risks
  26. Dealing with difficult or toxic coworkers
  27. Feeling trapped or limited in current circumstances
  28. Overindulging in negative self-comparisons from social media or other
  29. Dealing with past or ongoing conflicts, unresolved issues, or emotional wounds
  30. Struggling with time management and feeling constantly rushed
  31. Dealing with a significant life change
  32. Experiencing discrimination or prejudice in personal or professional settings
  33. Feeling unsupported in personal or professional goals and aspirations
  34. Struggling with a lack of motivation or feeling stuck in a rut
  35. Living in an environment that lacks peace or harmony
  36. Dealing with chronic illness or ongoing health issues
  37. Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of technology and constant connectivity
  38. Experiencing setbacks or failures in personal or professional endeavors
  39. Dealing with difficult family dynamics
  40. Feeling disconnected from nature or a lack of time spent outdoors
  41. Being overly self-critical and struggling with low self-esteem
  42. Dealing with a lack of emotional support or outlets for self-expression
  43. Feeling pressured to meet societal standards of beauty or success
  44. Being in a high-pressure or high-stress work environment
  45. Dealing with unexpected life events or emergencies.
  46. Feeling disconnected from spirituality or a sense of higher purpose
  47. Dealing with a lack of personal boundaries in relationships
  48. Experiencing a lack of fulfillment or passion in daily activities
  49. Feeling stuck in a repetitive or monotonous routine
  50. Dealing with a lack of personal autonomy or control in life
  51. Experiencing a lack of recognition or appreciation for efforts
  52. Struggling with body image issues or negative self-perception
  53. Feeling overwhelmed by excessive clutter or disorganization
  54. Experiencing a lack of emotional intimacy or connection in relationships
  55. Struggling with feelings of guilt or self-blame
  56. Feeling trapped in a cycle of negative thinking or rumination
  57. Dealing with unresolved grief or loss
  58. Experiencing a lack of fulfillment in social interactions or friendships
  59. Struggling with a lack of creative outlets or self-expression
  60. Feeling limited by external expectations or societal norms
  61. Dealing with a lack of work-life balance or constant busyness
  62. Experiencing a lack of trust in oneself or others
  63. Struggling with fear of rejection or abandonment
  64. Feeling drained by excessive social obligations or commitments
  65. Dealing with a lack of personal growth or development opportunities
  66. Experiencing a lack of support for personal interests or hobbies
  67. Dealing with a lack of structure or routine in daily life
  68. Experiencing a lack of harmony between personal and professional life
  69. Struggling with unresolved conflicts or tension in friendships
  70. Dealing with a lack of support for personal goals and aspirations
  71. Experiencing a lack of intellectual stimulation or growth opportunities
  72. Struggling with a lack of boundaries
  73. Dealing with a lack of emotional intelligence or communication skills
  74. Experiencing a lack of positive role models or mentors
  75. Struggling with a lack of personal accountability and self-discipline
  76. Dealing with a lack of personal recognition or acknowledgment
  77. Struggling with unresolved conflicts or tension in romantic relationships
  78. Feeling drained by engaging in gossip or negative conversations
  79. Dealing with a lack of support for personal health and well-being goals
  80. Experiencing a lack of fulfillment in volunteer or community activities
  81. Feeling drained by excessive exposure to negative or stressful environments
  82. Experiencing a lack of connection or disconnection from cultural or community values
  83. Struggling with a lack of trust in oneself or others’ intentions
  84. Dealing with a lack of opportunities for personal growth and learning
  85. Struggling with a lack of emotional resilience and coping mechanisms
  86. Experiencing a lack of fulfillment in romantic relationships
  87. Struggling with a lack of assertiveness and difficulty expressing needs
  88. Feeling drained by engaging in activities that go against personal values
  89. Dealing with a lack of clarity, direction, or meaning in life choices
  90. Feeling drained by excessive demands for attention or caretaking
  91. Experiencing a lack of motivation or inspiration in daily life
  92. Struggling with a lack of connection to a sense of community or belonging
  93. Dealing with a lack of emotional support or validation from others
  94. Experiencing a lack of opportunities for personal exploration and adventure
  95. Struggling with a lack of recognition or advancement in career or professional life

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