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Groups, Classes and Workshops

Groups, Classes and Workshops

In addition to my one-on-one work, I very much enjoy working within a group dynamic. Below is a list of the classes & group sessions I frequently conduct.

waterhead_02NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practice Group: This group is designed for individuals interested in learning and practicing NLP skills in their application to therapy and healing. NLP is a brief, solution-focused approach with a practical application to solving everyday problems.  Many components of human problems are learned quite early in life, in a way that is completely outside of our awareness. NLP engages therapeutic modeling to help people understand problem patterns, the context in which behaviors were created and the purpose they served at the time of their creation. Once this structure is revealed, individuals can begin to understand their problems and what needs to happen to overcome unwanted behaviors.


yoga.jpegMoving Into Balance: Experience the Power of Inward & Outward Movement: The art of functional movement offers a powerful vehicle for reconnecting to the body and to our innate somatic wisdom. Moving the body can catalyze a healing of the psyche, body, and soul and provides a wonderful way to release stress and tension. In a safe and dynamic environment, participants are encouraged to explore, experience, and transform their own bodies while guided through a series of exercises designed to increase skills and awareness in the areas of focus, coordination, posture, and balance. Guided imagery and trance are used as creative channels.


image003Women’s Empowerment & Self-leadership: What does it mean for women to be empowered? Personal power is a dynamic, moving force. It reflects the kind of energy we bring into our lives, our relationships, and our accomplishments. We feel empowered when we are at peace with ourselves, we are comfortable in our own skin, we are clear and deliberate, and we are deeply connected with ourselves and others. From this place we can step out into the world with more love, openness, and purpose. This retreat is an exploration and celebration of what is possible when women trust their inherent wisdom.


image004Compassionate Mind Practice Group: Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It involves generating feelings of kindness and care toward ourselves as imperfect human beings and learning to be present with the inevitable life struggles with greater ease. This group will provide simple tools for giving ourselves the support we need whenever we suffer, fail or feel inadequate. We all want to avoid pain, but letting it in and responding compassionately to our own suffering, is an essential step toward living a happier and more fulfilling life.


image005Awareness Through Movement Class: These introspective movement lessons are a tool to learn about yourself and how you move.  They are taught in a self-paced, non-judgmental atmosphere, respecting your body’s limits while at the same time introducing new movement patterns.  They provide an opportunity to discover natural, comfortable movement and develop a clearer image of yourself.  Many people report that they find themselves doing things that they couldn’t do before. No experience is necessary to start – you go at your own pace with support from the teacher.


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