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Category: Self-Leadership Skills

Feeling Drained? Electrify Your Personal Power in These 7 Ways

Feeling Drained? Electrify Your Personal Power in These 7 WaysDo you feel powerful? If your answer is, “Some days, yes; some days, not at all!” I understand how one day you can feel full of energy and clarity; and then the next day you feel drained, deflated and uncertain. Our personal power is dramatically affected by external forces beyond our control… or are they?

We’re living in interesting times. Many women have been inspired to do something more meaningful with their lives. They have a spark, an inspiration, a message they need to share with others. Do you feel it too? Perhaps, in the moment, this idea fills you up and makes you feel powerful. But the reality is we live in a world that can easily drain your power away, if you let it.

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Importance of a Self-Care Mindset — How to Help Your Clients See It!

As life coaches, we must teach our clients a self-care mindset that balances all aspects of life so they can discard the lie that self-care is selfish.This may be controversial, but I have to speak up…

As coaches, we’re often told we need to specialize in one area to stand out from the crowd, like nutrition coach, business coach, public speaking coach, mindset coach, personal development coach, etc. But to make a real difference in our clients’ lives, we can’t be so hyperfocused on only one aspect of life. Everything affects everything else. We need a holistic approach and that involves a self-care mindset!

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Modern Leadership is Like Driving — Constant Scanning is Required

Modern Leadership appeals to people today because it uses a more feminine, community, team approach versus the previous hierarchical leadership style.:Developing as a leader in this complex time is a complicated adventure!  The old style of leadership was generally one-dimensional. Modern leadership style demands a more feminine approach that springs from greater self-awareness and being mindful of how your actions and reactions affect your community. 

Modern Leadership — scan five views while “driving”

Leadership is like driving an actual car. Doesn’t it make you nervous when you’re in the car with a driver who never scans the road? When driving a car, you look ahead through the windshield while keeping an eye on the rear and side-view mirrors. Leaders today need to be scanning in all directions constantly as they lead. If not, they’re missing vital information that could drastically influence their direction.

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Experiencing Emotions Fully & Safely Through Journaling – Find the Style that Works for You

Have you tried journaling? Perhaps you’ve started, then been distracted, so you feel as if you failed since you don’t have an entry for every page. Your journal is a tool for experiencing emotions whenever you NEED it.“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Emotions – we love them when they make us feel good. But when we’re experiencing emotions that make us feel uncomfortable we want to control our emotions, turn our emotions off, hide our emotions, manage our emotions, or numb our emotions. We can even hate ourselves for the way we feel.

It’s easy to label emotions as good or bad, but your feelings are simply messages from your body and mind informing you that you have a situation needing your attention; and you’re going to learn something from it!

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Stop Beating Yourself Up! 5 Powerful Self-Compassion Truths Revealed

Empower yourself and stop beating yourself up by reaffirming it’s necessary to care for yourself kindly, otherwise you have nothing to give to others.Most of us would never tell our best friend, “Oh, you’re so stupid”, yet we may beat ourselves up with demeaning self-talk. The sad reality is that most people have never learned to treat themselves with the kindness and patience they have learned to bring to others. 

We all need to hear that we have permission to be good to ourselves. Giving yourself and your clients the key to self-compassion is empowering, because it clears away hidden misconceptions that you may not even know are lurking in your subconscious.

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