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Category: Self-Leadership Skills

How Defining Your Values Gives You More Energy for What Matters Most

While you can’t create more time, by defining your values you can increase your energy and the mindful way you use time.Does it feel like you never have enough time or energy? While you can’t create more time, you can increase your energy and the way you use your time. How? By defining your values – identifying what’s most important to you. They are your source of intention, power, energy and motivation. On the other hand, if you’re trying to do something that doesn’t matter, you’ll give it up and this creates negative energy zappers, “Here’s another project I quit, failed at, and left unfinished. I’m such a loser. I can’t get anything right”

Your energy comes from four main sources — your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The good news is that you can systematically expand and renew your energy by intentionally eliminating practices that deplete you while increasing behaviors that support you.

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Recovery: How to Use This Power Skill for Peak Emotional Fitness

The Universal Recovery Principles, which apply to physical, emotional and psychological recovery, help us play the long game without being overwhelmed.When people think of the steps to recovery, they often associate it with drug or alcohol abuse or trauma. As a result, the word “recovery” has an element of judgment or negativity attached to it… “Oh, you’re in recovery, well we won’t talk about that!” Added to that, the common attitude toward being successful in business and the sports world is that we must “Hustle and push through it, Rest is for wimps!” Thankfully, despite this negativity, people are finally recognizing how vital recovery is to our ability to perform at our very best.

In the following example, you’ll see why recovery is so essential…

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9 Brilliant Ways to Keep Momentum Alive – The Ultimate Plan for Life!

Instead of goal lists, supportive life routines keep momentum alive because they don’t add negative self-judgment, mindless reactions or self-loathing.Your future is built upon the choices you make today. However, we may forget that ‘where we are right now’ can be one of our strongest stability points. Remembering to stop, breathe, and regroup or simply slowing down and acknowledging that you’re okay can keep your momentum alive. 

Part of my personal POWER routine is to use my Best Year Yet Tool. I find a quiet space and ask a series of searching questions to observe and celebrate everything accomplished during the present year. And from this, I create a plan and momentum for the upcoming year. 

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Do You Follow These 7 Easy, Baby Steps to Success? This Process Works!

Learn from a real-life example showing how to use the seven baby steps to success and you’ll have the skills to make any of your Big Dreams come true.“I wish…” We do it all the time, don’t we? We learned about making wishes from fairy tales. Magically, what you desire appears, without any effort. That’s not how real life happens, however. Yet so many of our goals remain wishes. “I wish I could  lose weight.” “I wish I could write a book.” “I wish I could start a new career.” Wishing alone doesn’t make your dreams come true. There’s more to traveling the steps to success.

Yes, wishing, wanting and dreaming are quite important to our human experience. They are the genesis from which we create a desire to do something different, to be more.

I urge you to be a Dreamer and dream big. But don’t stop there. Being a Dreamer won’t make your dreams come true. They’ll eventually languish in a drawer and will never see the light of day. So what’s next?

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How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Foundation for Greater Peace and Joy

Just improving physical, mental, and emotional health doesn’t satisfy a deeper need – our spiritual foundation — here’s how to mindfully strengthen it.When people think of improving their health, they often think of improving physical, mental, and emotional health. All these are good and essential, however, it doesn’t satisfy a deeper health that we all innately have – our spiritual health. Just as we can do strength training for greater physical stamina, we can also work on strengthening our spiritual foundation.

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