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30 Little-Known Business-Enhancing Beliefs that Power Your Success

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! Our success as business owners depends more on the following business-enhancing beliefs than on techniques and training. 

When you’re a business owner, keeping up with the increasing complexity of the global economy, technology, lifestyles and business opportunities is extremely challenging. It’s vital for you to deal with change and communicate that change to your team with efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the secret to meeting changes with greater efficiency and effectiveness? It’s the business-enhancing beliefs you cultivate! This means you consciously nurture thinking patterns and value systems that serve your greater purpose in life. Learning to live in your body through a deeper awareness of your mind-body connection can accelerate this progress.

Somatic awareness allows you to safely peel back the layers of resistance and limiting beliefs that hold you back. It  moves the sectors of learning out of the head and into the whole body, which allows you to connect with something bigger than yourself. It teaches you to maintain business-enhancing beliefs through deep connections with your resourceful states and strong core values.

When it comes to living a purposeful and meaningful life, only you can define what success looks and feels like. Self-leadership means understanding that ultimately you are the one with the answers. When you decide to lead yourself, you step forward to a life of greater meaning, purpose and success.

As you review the following list, please carve out some time to reflect deeply on your beliefs as a business owner and as a leader. You don’t have to be a CEO of a large corporation to be a leader. If you use your talents to make a difference, even in some small way, you’re exhibiting leadership qualities. So step into that leadership mindset and make an honest assessment on which areas are your strengths and which ones you’re struggling with as areas for potential growth. 

Are you ready to mindfully step out of your comfort zone to experience an ever-expanding awareness of your own potential?

30 business-enhancing beliefs that are essential for greater efficiency and effectiveness as a leader:

  1. These 30 business-enhancing beliefs are often overlooked, but the basis of any business success must be firmly founded on these life-affirming beliefs.I am positive and optimistic.
  2. I manage my own states rather than reacting with uncontrolled emotions.
  3. I am accountable and can promote accountability in others.
  4. I continually work on limiting patterns and correct them.
  5. I know my big picture vision and I’m not sidetracked from it.
  6. I invite opportunities rather than see weaknesses.
  7. I am open to learning so I can self-correct on my way to excellence.
  8. I am personable and people are comfortable with me.
  9. I generate creative approaches to problems.
  10. I make effective decisions that garner respect from others.
  11. I run effective meetings.
  12. I have enhanced communication skills – verbally and nonverbally.
  13. I advance team communications skills.
  14. I influence others and create change effectively.
  15. I set a powerful example for others to model. 
  16. I gladly acknowledge the achievements of others without feelings of rivalry.
  17. I promote my team to enhance their ability and performance.
  18. I am able to match the right people to the right jobs.
  19. I can identify the right value systems for each job.
  20. I build great rapport with my clients because I talk their language and avoid verbal roadblocks.
  21. I help others resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.
  22. I foster congruency between my values, business processes and people.
  23. I reconcile differences between individual and organizational goals.
  24. I am results oriented and motivate others to use initiative and creativity.
  25. I excel at team development and negotiation skills.
  26. I build and sustain long-term and rewarding relationships.
  27. I leave personal problems behind as I enter into the workplace each day.
  28. I can say ‘no’ without losing rapport or jeopardizing future cooperation.
  29. I draw out high-performance states from others.
  30. I create synergy by harnessing individual initiative into a harmonious group effort.

Notice how these business–enhancing beliefs are also life-enhancing. Life and business must work harmoniously together for your own peace of mind. You can explore all of these topics on my blog. Just type your chosen topic into the Search Box.  Don’t be discouraged if you find areas for improvement! We all do. But be assured as you adopt or strengthen these beliefs about yourself as a leader, you’ll foster a climate of trust and understanding with your team, and you’ll see their productivity increase. In turn, excellent service translates into greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you’re looking for mentorship, I can support you as you create these outstanding results in your business! Feel free to request a free 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit for working together. And download my free Intro to Stepping Forward to discover the seven tools you can use to confidently step into your big dream.

Your “Dream Big, Start Small” here’s the one thing you can do today.

Develop a greater awareness of exactly WHERE you feel your emotions, HOW they feel in your body, and in WHAT healthy ways you can process them.

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