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Continually grow as a person and find your work/life balance

How to Build a Strong Social Support Network for Women in Leadership

s our interests and needs shift, our social support network must evolve, giving up relationships that no longer work and pursuing new ones that do.
Part of being human is going through different phases of life. As children, we’re dependent on our parents. Then in the adolescent years, we push for a more autonomous position. Then finally as adults, we learn to become interdependent.

However, whether by nature or nurture, a person may not fully evolve as he or she has the potential to do. Because our society values independence to a fault, often individuals aren’t taught or don’t learn skills to develop interdependent relationships.

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Make Peace with Your Past – A Pivotal Conversation that Leads to Freedom

Here are four steps you can use to make peace with your past, by organizing and making sense of your experiences, so you can finally let go of the hurt.One of the most emotionally charged subjects you’ll ever talk with your clients about is how their past affects their present. When it comes to making peace with the past, it’s the hurtful aspects of the past that keep us stuck. It’s especially a problem when people continue to punish themselves, attach harmful meanings to past events, or perhaps see no meaning at all.

You can use the following outline to help you talk candidly with your clients about this emotionally painful topic. In this way, they can begin the healing process. 

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Stop Beating Yourself Up! 5 Powerful Self-Compassion Truths Revealed

Empower yourself and stop beating yourself up by reaffirming it’s necessary to care for yourself kindly, otherwise you have nothing to give to others.Most of us would never tell our best friend, “Oh, you’re so stupid”, yet we may beat ourselves up with demeaning self-talk. The sad reality is that most people have never learned to treat themselves with the kindness and patience they have learned to bring to others. 

We all need to hear that we have permission to be good to ourselves. Giving yourself and your clients the key to self-compassion is empowering, because it clears away hidden misconceptions that you may not even know are lurking in your subconscious.

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Use The Power Of Community To Help You Create Your Own Path

When you create your own path in life it’s vital to base your goals on who you really are, instead of who you wish you were or on what other people say.Can you imagine what life would be like if someone else made all of your decisions and told you what to do every moment of every day? To be forced to do things you hate…to be kept from expressing any of your personal likes and dislikes. Being deprived of your self-determination is a horrible injustice. Yet sometimes, you may take for granted or misuse the right to create your own path in life.

Of course, we’ll run into bumps and seemingly insurmountable obstacles on our chosen path. Sometimes it may become so difficult you may want to give up. Please, don’t, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get past that roadblock. After all, if were easy, you wouldn’t be growing, testing the waters outside your comfort zone, and extending yourself fully.

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Keep Your Commitments to Yourself. It’s The Way to Feel Fully Alive

It’s often the last thing we do – keep your commitments to yourself – but it’s vital to learn these skills to live a fully engaged and fulfilled life.
Keeping commitments — love it or hate it? Perhaps you know someone like Nora? She’s really good at keeping her promises to other people. The kids need a ride to the game…she’s on it! Hubby needs a tool from the hardware store, she’s rushing to get it. Never missing an appointment, she’s known for being dependable, helpful, and loving. But…there’s someone she routinely ignores and mistreats…herself…and she knows it, as her journal entry testifies:

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