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Continually grow as a person and find your work/life balance

Modern Leadership is Like Driving — Constant Scanning is Required

Modern Leadership appeals to people today because it uses a more feminine, community, team approach versus the previous hierarchical leadership style.:Developing as a leader in this complex time is a complicated adventure!  The old style of leadership was generally one-dimensional. Modern leadership style demands a more feminine approach that springs from greater self-awareness and being mindful of how your actions and reactions affect your community. 

Modern Leadership — scan five views while “driving”

Leadership is like driving an actual car. Doesn’t it make you nervous when you’re in the car with a driver who never scans the road? When driving a car, you look ahead through the windshield while keeping an eye on the rear and side-view mirrors. Leaders today need to be scanning in all directions constantly as they lead. If not, they’re missing vital information that could drastically influence their direction.

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The Power of Perception and Projection Revealed & How to Use It in Your Life

Our power of perception is formed by our personal experiences and can mislead us, so it’s vital to learn to accurately see and assess what’s going on.Have your first impressions of a situation or person ever made you act in a way you later regret? Our power of perception can cause trouble if we misjudge. At the very least, it gets us off on the wrong foot. On the other hand, it can be a protection when our gut tells us to be wary. How do we know when to trust our power of perception and when to override it? 

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10 Common Obstacles to Self-Reflection and How You Can Overcome Them For Good

Consistently creating and keeping a practice of self-reflection is possible if you keep it simple, make it rewarding and have a plan for the down days.We start out great…and then something gets in the way. How many times has that happened to you? You think you really want to do something, but within a week you lose the desire. To track down the cause of this lack of motivation, we need a practice of self-reflection. But what happens when we lose the desire to maintain a reflective practice? That’s a big problem because that deprives you of a vital life tool. We cannot afford to lose our momentum or get sidetracked from developing the essential skill of self-reflection!

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Cultivate a Reflective Practice that Nurtures Personal and Professional Growth

Cultivating a reflective practice gives you a structured process of introspection, analysis, and evaluation of thoughts, actions, and experiences.A parent asks the child, “What are you doing?” Her response “I’m thinking.” The parent comes back with, “Don’t you think it would be better if you got up and did something constructive like cleaning your room instead?” We’re trained at an early age that “doing” and ‘’checking off tasks” is what’s important. We certainly aren’t taught a formula, system, or reflective practice to unpack our experiences. But I’m here to do that for you and we’ll get to that in a moment.

As a result, we’re caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks and responsibilities. We race through life, rarely pausing to reflect on our actions, decisions, and experiences. However, cultivating a reflective practice can be a transformative journey that brings clarity, self-awareness, and personal growth. One of my favorite quotes helps bring this into perspective…

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What is Somatic Therapy aka Body Psychotherapy? It’s Powerful & Transformative!

Somatic Therapy is a mindful awareness of the mind/body connection. The body tells you what you need for emotional healing and personal growth. “What is Somatic therapy? It’s mindfully becoming attuned to your mind-body connection. Your body tells you what is needed for emotional healing and further personal growth. Somatic therapy teaches you to listen to your body’s wisdom. It doesn’t mean you need to be “fixed”. It means you want to become the best version of YOU possible.” ~ Maria Connolly

How would you feel if all the clothing stores sold only one size? You walk in and every item is size 2, or maybe it’s size 20. That would be appalling, wouldn’t it?  You deserve clothes that fit you. The same is true of your health care. We don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach. We want practitioners who see our unique needs and use the best therapeutic approach that gives us emotional healing and personal growth. 

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