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Be Ready for Change — How Virtual Coaching Makes Us More Adaptable

Coaches – how can you and your clients be ready for change, when you don’t know what change is coming? You can do so by preparing in these three areas…  Doesn’t it feel like changes have been rolling in fast and furious, like the surf in a storm. If you work as a coach, no doubt you want to help your clients cope and be ready for change. How do you feel about change? As a coach, you most likely embrace it as a chance to experience something new and venture out past your comfort zone.  

But what happens when something comes crashing out of left field, completely blindsiding us? We may be left floundering ourselves. How can we not only embrace change but be ready to make the most of it? If we’re not able to do this, how can we possibly help our clients? These are the questions we can not afford to ignore.

Case in point, when COVID-19 struck, I had a clear vision of what I wanted my coaching business to become. Before COVID, my plan was to shift to an online coaching business within 5 years. So I was able to accelerate my process, rather than starting over. Because I was already in the process of change, I wasn’t overwhelmed. My mind and heart were already in line with the change. Within a few months, my practice became 100% virtual. 

Coaches — are you using virtual tools to help your clients to be ready for change?

Rather than getting nostalgic for how things used to be, how can you meet the “here and now” needs of your clients? Because this isn’t time to look behind. It’s time to look ahead as the demand for personal and business coaching is increasing. People are going online to find answers and support — are they finding you there?

I’ve experienced many benefits of offering my coaching services online:

Online coaching makes you more accessible to your client; there can be an immediate response, which is very effective and gratifying. It builds synergy and momentum that is unstoppable. 

It enables coaching to be ultra-focused, ultra-specific. There are benefits of streamlining sessions, making them shorter and more frequent. Since distractions abound, our client can only grasp one or two specific points to work on at a time. Our counsel and training cannot be ambiguous. 

Less overhead means more time to invest in new opportunities.  For me, without the overhead of an office, I could invest in my coaching business’ online presence. I was able to invest in a team that supports me, and they’ve helped me make it happen. I opened my Embodied Coach School in 2021 — right in the midst of the pandemic.

Modeling the benefits of being adaptable and willing to use new technology. The very definition of leadership is undergoing a major shift. It’s no longer “do as I say” mentality; it’s now “join me as I do” leadership from alongside. Show your clients that even if it’s outside their current comfort zone, they can use virtual tools to build a happier and more balanced life.

Our clients are struggling with more intense mental and emotional stresses. Reinventing our lives has become the norm. Pandemic isolation has caused the juggle for family time versus work time versus me time to come banging on their doors. It cannot be ignored. Our clients need the best approaches for managing change. They’re depending on us to lead the way.

The biggest shift will be in our attitude and willingness to let go of the old ways and nurture our anticipation for trying new ways. Conquering the fear of being in front of the camera seems like an unconquerable obstacle to some women. Not because of vanity, but because it tests our self-confidence. Plus we now can reach an international audience with the click of a button. That means we’re reaching across different cultures with which we may not have come into contact with before. We need to learn and create a bridge between all cultures so we understand and connect on the deepest levels.

Back to my earlier question, how do you feel about change? Are you ready to lead the way and show your clients how to be ready for change?

When the world around us is changing, we cannot stay the same. We have to reach deep within ourselves and find the boldness and integrity to step forward. To innovate in any new circumstance takes mindfulness and  curiosity. It helps us view each new circumstance as a learning experience, not as a judgment on our skills or qualifications.

Those who have been ready to pivot during the last two years have had amazing results. Most of my clients, who are women, are discovering how efficient it is to work from home and be able to be coached virtually. Happily, their work-life balance has improved exponentially. Many of them have even started to embrace virtual work themselves. Why not contact me about a free 30-minute consultation and see if we’re a good fit for working together. 

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