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How to Increase Self-Understanding? Use This Powerful Mindfulness Exercise

“Why did I do that? Sometimes I don’t understand myself.” During a coaching session, has your client ever said that to you? Or perhaps you’ve felt that way yourself. If so, you’re not alone. Even though we live with ourselves 24/7, we don’t automatically possess total self-understanding. Just as it takes work to understand someone […]

Resources to Learn More About Mindfulness

In a series of blog posts I’ve been exploring mindfulness. I’ve talked about what it means to be mindful and the benefits especially when it comes to coping with stress. I’ve also shared exercises to help you start practicing it in your daily life. Now I’d like to offer suggestions for further reading for those […]

When and How to Practice Mindfulness

In my current series of blog posts I’ve been examining mindfulness as a way to access powerful inner resources so we can change the way we see – and ultimately experience – difficult situations. You can read the last couple posts to get an overview of mindfulness and better understand the benefits. Here are two […]

The Benefits of Mindfulness

In this post I will focus on the benefits of mindfulness – especially in how we cope with stress. Read my last blog post if you’re interested in learning more about what mindfulness is. We can’t completely avoid stress. What we can do is work toward developing more adaptive coping strategies. In other words, we […]

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How to Step Forward to a Future You've Created

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